Live report – FABRIZIO MORO: an uncontroversial rock and idea [Info e scaletta]

From an intense estate and a support of around three months, Fabrizio Moro concludes his “La mia voce Tour 2022” with due date at Palasport di Milano (December 18, 2022) and Rome (December 21, 2022).

A long tour to present the brani of his latest record work “La mia voce” which gives the title to this concert series and which arrives at his part (with “Sei tu”) at the 2022 edition of the Sanremo Festival.

rock energy

The Roman singer-songwriter, without giving him a prime note, carries his box in the Milanese palazzetto with all his energy and impious rock that contradicts him. Canzoni dall’impatto sonoro robusto che primono concetti che sanno andare oltre la semplice banalità del “cuore amore”. Moro expresses his disagreement with him, shares it with the public, shows his anger, his perplessness and his non-acceptance of social stereotypes and even politics.

But not alone, he also vindicates his status as looser, as loser, as I believe that in the name of his own freedom he will not conform if he always feels marginalized. He also shows his lay faith, which is what is in hope and from the little girl. Certainly, because he speaks of love and what he does with delicacy and trust. Questi sono gli estremi “filosoficios” di un rocker. Moro met terra tutto questo using the language of pop rock, che a volte straborda proper in quest’ultimo genere.

Electric chitarre and assoli

The start is powerful, because it comes in ogni scaletta pop that if rispetti, cala l’intensità, che communque remains always high. Fabrizio is unstoppable, he shakes his passi walking uninterruptedly from one part to the other of the big box. For all the show, apart from the acoustic brackets, the chitarre (tre) sounded as the protagonist in a classical structure that predicts the only finale. Il cantautore lascia comunque ampi spazi musicali tra le sue parole de él.

If the “shot” is powerful for all the concert, the “pacca” is more intense and arrives in the third part of the stage when 5 brani (from “Per me” to “Sono come sono”) enter one another, no solution of continuity with great rock energy, which in some moments sows almost suffocate in metal (addirittura?!?!?!). Such is the fire that Fabrizio has a problem with the microphone that he does access and speak for himself, as he says, a taste that comes immediately while he sings.

The acoustic angle

Finita questa explosione si abbasano gli amplificatori e il volume per lasciar space all’acoustico de la concerto, durante il quale Moro diventa più confidenziale, chiede di rallentare un brano e de eseguilo con le luci di palco ridotte al mínimo. C’è poi un siparietto in cui non riesce a trattenere le laugh when he introduces “Sono solo parole”, the brano da lui written by his friend Noemi (and the singer has presented at Sanremo 2012).

Great is the participation of the public, who accompanies his executioners with i cori tutte and who applauds with great force and affection the protagonist of the serata, which on più occasioni (soprattutto suoi brani più conosciuti) “gives up” the microphone to the audience.

Accompanying Moro sul palco a band of strong impact that sees Claudio Junior Bielli on piano, Danilo Molinari, Roberto Maccaroni and Davide Gobello on chitarre, Luca Amendola on bass and Alessandro Inolti on drums.

Fabrizio Moro put on stage a robust concerto, rather banale, which is rock and devises in a credible manner.

SCORE: 7.50

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The peggio is past
my voice
Figli di nessuno
I sew what I have to say
I only love
All that I flew
Eppure mi hai cambiato la vita
Alessandra will always be beautiful
Ho bisogno di credere
be you
Non mi avete fatto niente
for me
I’m in love with you
sono eat sono
Il senso di ogni cosa
21 years
blood in the vein
Voglio will be with you
I’m just parole
I never know
Portami via
Parole, rumors and days

without saying you


December 21, Palazzo dello Sport, ROME


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Live report – FABRIZIO MORO: an uncontroversial rock and idea [Info e scaletta]

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