L’ascolano “Dardust” will present Italian music at the Eurovision Song Contest: «Porterò il mio personale progetto di musica che intende unire le note pop all’elettronica»

ASCOLI – Sarà Dario “Dardust” Faini will present Italian music in tutto il mondo. The Ascolano music-maker will infatti affidato the compito di far scatenare el pubblico present at the Palasport Olimpico di Torino on the occasion of the avvio dell’Eurovision Song Contest. It will be the musician, author and producer himself, the first host of the kermesse, on the occasion of the initial semi-final scheduled for Tuesday 10 May.

E non poteva essere diverse, dati i successi planetari ottenuti da Dardust negli ultimi anni, started with the trionfo di “Soldi” cantata da Mahmood that, dopo the victory at the Sanremo festival, rischiò in 2019 di arrivare sul podium dell’Eurovision. Per non parlare di “Within Me” performed with Benny Benassi and di “Golden Nights” with Sophie and the Giants, that negli scorsi mesi hanno raggiunto le charts de ogni paese.

It will be with the famous dee jay and producer emiliano and with the british musical group founded in 2015 in Sheffield that the ascolano artist will attend the torinese kermesse. “I am very honored in this manifestation also because I am presenting my personal project of music that intends to unite the note pop all’electronics”, said the artist, who will not be the only Marchigian present at the international musical showcase, seen that I will direct and coinvolti musicist ci sarà also the director of the orchestra ferman Sylvia Catasta, già coinvolta da Dardust due anni fa a Sanremo nell’ecuzione di “Andromeda”, brano da lui scritto and in gara cantato da Elodie. E così come era già accaduto nell’edizione 2021 della manifestazione musicale nella Città dei Fiori, when Elodie was founded in an irresistibile medley ballato containing brani dance leggendari, sia italiani (da “Rumore” di Raffaella Carrà alla stessa “Soldi”), che internazionali (from “Vogue” by Madonna to “Let’s dance” by Bowie), also on this occasion if I tried to give a “mash up” of eccezione. Parliamo di un’esibizione di 5 minuti, finalizzata a ripercorrere i brani ballabili realizzati da italiani que no conquered le classifiche mondiali.

A number entitled “Dance of beauty”, which obviously contains Moroder’s opera, but rather to scorrere, anno dopo anno, ai nostri giorni. A number that will open with “Horizon in your eyes”, the single by Dardust is about to be used and that will be presented in the world premiere. With the Ascolano music maker, Benny Benassi if he will be his note of “Satisfaction” among the formation of Sophie and the Giants will be coinvolved by ripping the note of the successful hit “Golden Nights”, in the remix version made by Astrality. Nella proposta di brani che formeranno “Dance of beauty”, oltre al tribute reso a Moroder, tra i pezzi figureranno quelli firmati de Robert Miles, Gigi D’Agostino e Eiffel 65.

For Dardust, who has won more than 60 platinum discs, being all’Eurovision means the enormous recognition of an undisputed fame, because his musical opera is present in international events that qualify for the Superbowl, the NBA All Star Game and Giochi Olympics.


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L’ascolano “Dardust” will present Italian music at the Eurovision Song Contest: «Porterò il mio personale progetto di musica che intende unire le note pop all’elettronica»

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