Jazz, Pop and Rock together in Campania

Campania, continue the mandate of the 37 new trains foreseen by the Contract of Service, with an increase of 100 posts to sedere a convoglio

CITTÀ METROPOLITANA DI NAPOLI – Alla Stazione Centrale on the morning of Monday, December 19, sono stati presentati quattro treni, a rock and tre pop

I new train fans are part of three of the 12 latest generation convogli destined for the region, other sections of the comprehensive supplies 37 new trains “Made in Italy” foreseen by the Contract of Service.

The President of the Campania Region was present at the ceremony Vincent DeLucaPresident of the Transport Commission Luca CasconeRegional Business Director Trenitalia, Sabrina De Filippis and the Regional Director Trenitalia Campania, Mario Cuoco.

Nello specifico, i treni Pop They have a special configuration for the servizio metropolitano e saranno in circolazione dal 20 decembre in the traffic Pozzuoli-Napoli San Giovanni Barra, with a total increase of 100 posts to seat the convoglio rispectto ai precedenti and with 8 posts destined to transport bikes.

Continue in Campania the return of the fleet of the Regionale thanks to the rilevanti investimenti fruit of the successful collaboration between the Regione Campania and the Regionale di Trenitalia. The bride that we present today greatly improves the comfort and the travel experience of the many commuters and tourists who use the metropolitan line to move in the city avoiding traffic. I nuovissimi Pop have no oltre 100 posti a sedere in più rispetto ai treni precedenti e, por la prima volta, consentono di portare la bicicletta a bordo. Tante importanti novità per un Campania semper più verde, has said chiarato Sabrina De FilippisTrenitalia Regional Business Director.

In the course of the ceremony there was also a new train Rock, the nono dei 25 complexivi in ​​arrival in Campania che, with the new winter offer, are also used by their Napoli-Salerno-Sapri directtrices. I train, thank you also ai 24 Jazz già in circolazione, guaranteeing the return of the fleet carrying the average age of the trains in Campania at 11 years between 2025.

Gli investimenti – In the Service Contract that Trenitalia has signed with the Campania Region in December 2019 with a duration of 15 years, important investments are foreseen to significantly improve the regional offer with a very positive quality of the service offered to the travelers. In particular, sono stati stanziati: 388.9 million euro for the purchase of new trains; 35.8 million euro for the revamping and restyling of the internal trains of the TAF trains (Treni Alta Frequentazione); 42.7 million say euro per gli impianti manutentivi; 47.3 million euro for the infrastructure colleague; 24.6 million euro for gli sviluppi informatici and new technology and 163.9 million euro for the cyclical maintenance of the trains.

Il Pop in short – I train Pop sounded constitution da 4 carrozze e possono transportare fino a 502 viaggiatori totali. They are equipped with 8 posts for the bike, passeggini area, led lighting, new climate control system, USB connection and 220V power supply for tablets and smartphones. Costruiti negli stabilimenti Alstom, i Pop We respond to the policy of environmental sustainability by consuming 30% of energy in less respect than previous generation.

The regional – The offer of the Regionale di Trenitalia in Campania in the course of 2022 is highly appreciated by travellers, as shown by the cospicuous number of tourists who have no scelto di spostarsi with i treni and the intermodal colleagues for raggiungere le più ambite mete turistiche della region. Increasing also the express popularity of the quality of the trip in its complex and its comfort of the trains, with a gradual increase of another percentage point by 2019. Inoltre, with the launch of the Winter Experience of the Polo Passeggeri also in Campania is state rimodulata l ‘Offer of regional transport to come without control to all the choice of pendolaris, aggiungendo più traini verso the stations of Torre Annunziata e Cancello ed Arnone, and 14 colleagues in più in some days festivi sulle relations particularly frequent like Napoli – Formia, Napoli – Caserta , Napoli – Salerno and Caserta – Salerno.

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Jazz, Pop and Rock together in Campania

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