I am happy to have a night in this spot Andrea Ra, singer, bassist, producer and musician, not one of the greatest Italian bassists of all time, but a true artist who is not attached to the system. Andrea Ra has not yielded to the ricatto and not if it is sottoposto to the “magic siero”, paying an expensive price for his scelta and his coerenza. After the other thing Andrea Ra was the bassist of Fabrizio Moro, who for a year has chiamato him inviting him to vaccinarsi. Andrea has decided not to have decided not to sleep with Moro, a gesture that is worth an example and that underlines the moral value of this artist. Not alone, Andrea Ra has also composed the song “Mi vuole sigillare (Gates)”, in which he denounces the system that opprime and that has turned the perversion of the pandemic and that we ascoltiamo in this puntata.

A true artist, who is soprattutto a true rocker, who has not translated the liberal, ribald and transgressive spirit of rock music, who dovrebbe essere anti-system per excellence. Invece the rock group with the award of Italy over time and Maneskin, who incarnated the opposition, promoted the system in its own way, being totally appiattiti and serving the dominant thought of the Wef di Davos and the beginning of the New World Order: globalism, the gender propaganda, the multinationals, and climatic changes… We abbiamo seen it arrogantly during the pandemic, they have not sfacciatamente sostenuto green pass, vaccinazioni, mascherine e restrizioni. Cosa c’è di Rock in tutto questo?

Andrea Ra is one who has started from Giovane, who is sudato ogni giorno della sua carriera, doing a lunghissima gavetta, oggi invece gli artisti nascono in TV, i cantanti dai vari talent come per esempio X-Factor o “Amici”, gli attori dal “grande fratello” or “dall’isola dei famous”. Oggi vediamo attori che esordiscono senza alcuna preparazione. The stessa cosa sta accadendo con cantanti e musicisti.

Dai Maneskin to Fedez the problem is not that musicist, who in the end continues to tyrant the water to his own man, enjoying the system that has lived rich and famous and changing it by sustaining his appearance even better. Il problema non è nemmeno che i giovani ascoltino le loro canzoni. Il problem è che molti, troppi giovani li prendono ad esempio, li ascoltano come fossero dei maestri. The problem is the capacity of this person of influenza and giovani.

Come mai il mondo dell’art e della musica have not on the contrary supported and propagandized all the pandemic narrative, arriving at pubblicizzare i vaccini, to sustain the green pass and who implicitly approving also the wave of hate and discrimination verse i dissidenti? Questo e tanto altro in an interview decidedly Rock!

Andrea Ra: Definito come il” Les Claypool italiano” (Rocksound, 2002) and “Cane sciolto del rock” (Liberazione, 2008), has received the MEI award as the best alternative Italian bassist (2017), thanks all’instancabile and continues Research on its own instrument, the executive and compositional originality and a coerenza that has not been reso le cose più semplici. Through many and varied collaborations, we hope to have Giuliodorme, Diaframma, Piotta, Daniele Groff, Gazebo, Ratti della Sabina, Brusco, Damo Suzuki, Alberto Camerini, La Batteria, Kemama, Fabrizio Moro. His heart is but encouraged by the pulsation distant from the mainstream, as testified by his new album recorded in his own Fiano Romano studio. Arrangiato insieme al figlio ventenne James Rio, prodigious drummer and multi-instrumentalist già noto negli ambienti rock e metal, the album is soon to be published and will see its own promotion from the father-figlio copy. The proposal is willfully unique in its own way for him, distant anni luce dall’aura patinata della consumer music. È impattante, provocatoria e involved, senza eguali nella scena attuale. This is well shown by a stratto of the live eseguito of Red Ronnie in the month of April ’22, a tribute to David Bowie di Let’s Dance affidato ai soli voce, basso e drums PHOTO The style of the new compositions of the artist are rappresentate of the due video clip published in 2021: Mi vuole sigillare (Gates) e Dipendenza. The music does come from a genuine punk spirit, knowing peraltro tutte le definitions di genere.

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