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“SHIVER” (Meat Beat/Artist First) is the title of the new single targato Glitch Project, the duo made up of Maida Cerasino and Federica Pepe that is imposing itself as one of the most interesting realtà of the Italian and international music scene.

What happens when I scatter inside I know the energy of change? This is the main theme of “Shivers”, in radio and digitally played on March 13. With a transcendent electronic sound “Shivers” is soon to spread the sound colonna dell’estate.

«That is one of the most difficult brani to cui ci siamo approcciate – raccontano – cercare di trovare l’equilibrio tra elettronica e strumenti è estata a vera sfida, ma abbiamo cercato dare risalto alla dinamicità e al mood che il brano arouses: una certa spensieratezza with a note di malinconia».

Glitch Project is a female musical duo that mixes the energy of rock with electronic experimentation. The duo is made up of Maida Cerasino (voice) and Federica Pepe (multi-instrumentalist) who can find Torino in 2018. Through 2018 and 2019 they publish “Your Pride”, first self-produced single and the EP “Enchain”, made up da quattro brani. In 2020, I decided not to concentrate if his research on the sound of the più needs what else he looks like with “Bloom”, the first single of this new one that will be published in 2021. Always in this year’s publication altri due to singles, “Wane” and “No More”. With the publication of the new brani, there was suddenly a great interest in the UK that negli Stati Uniti, suddenly entered radio rotation. Apron il 2022 publishing a gennaio “NBR” who gives, anchors a return, to the public, a new prospects for the project.

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Glitch Project Da oggi sulle piattaforme digitali e in

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Glitch Project – Da oggi sulle piattaforme digitali e in radio: “Shiver” – Il nuovo singolo del duo elettro-pop – Sardegna Reporter

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