From Queen and David Bowie to Lucio Dalla and Gianni Morandi. I duetti fanno the story of pop

Carlo Antini

Parole and music as rise and order

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Cristina D’Avena l’ha capito benissimo. E nella compilation che festeggia i suoi primi 40 anni di carriera ella ha chiamato a raccolta tutti gli amici de ella (from Malgioglio a Elettra Lamborghini) per duettare sui brani di «40-Il sogno continua». But if the result is not always the same alla somma delle parti, it is true that, from the collaboration of musicians, we do not know how to enter into the history of music.

In the case of the famous duet between Queen and David Bowie in «Under Pressure», he was born improvising in a recording studio in Svizzera. Brian May tells that tutti lavorarono like a band in a “battaglia feroce” that, after scintille legendarie, forged a true capolavoro. Still unsatisfied, Mercury also experimented with lyrical music duetting with soprano Montserrat Caballé in «Barcelona». Also celebrated by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson who wrote the page of success like “The girl is mine” inserted in “Thriller” or “Say Say Say” in “Pipes of peace”. D’altronde Macca was not new to this genre’s experience, being the protagonist also of the historic duet with Stevie Wonder in the hit “Ebony and Ivory”. Other historical collaborations between “The Voice” Frank Sinatra and Bono that they found in “I’ve got you under my skin”. Il classico by Cole Porter rinacque with the magic of the re dei crooner e del frontman degli U2 che ha suo attivo as well as the duet with Pavarotti. Atmosphere of the American songbook also in the album by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett “Cheek to cheek” that has reported in height the taste for the apparently irreconcilable world’s accommodation. Così come lasciò tutti a bocca aperta «Don’t give up», well recorded by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. Infine il celebre e scandaloso duetto realized in ’69 by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin in «Je t’aime…moi non plus». Tra sospiri e gemiti mai un brano pop fu così explicito e audace.

In the matter of collaborations, Italian music is not certain of less and offers numerous examples of duetti who have not lost the segno. Come accadde with «Magnifico» by Fedez and Francesca Michielin. After the enormous success of «Cigno nero», the Milanese rapper and the vincitrice of the fifth edition of X Factor if he reproposed himself with this pezzo of great emotional impact thanks to all’intreccio of rap and pop. And how will I not think of Lucio Dalla and Gianni Morandi? Two gigantic protagonists of an intense season at the vertici of the classifications at the time of «Vita», well written by Mogol come inno alla speranza. Negli occhi e nelle orecchie also remains the splendid fusion of voices and personalities of Mina and Celentano that duettarono come fumetti in «Acqua e sale». Oppure Anna Oxa and Fausto Leali who won the Sanremo Festival in 1989 with «Ti lascerò». The anchor Tiziano Ferro and Laura Pausini weighed in on their hit «Non me lo so spiegare», one of the singoli di maggior successo of the new millennium. Also in the music, insomma, it’s true that the union is the force.

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From Queen and David Bowie to Lucio Dalla and Gianni Morandi. I duetti fanno the story of pop

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