EXCLUSIVE | DJ Yves V says “he’s impassable” while talking in collaboration with VIVIZ and K-pop-Tebigeek

In 2014, the Belgian DJ Yves V has allestito musica stellare sui palchi internazionali. He has traveled in long and long and has shared and his set strabilianti with a global public. With over 4.5 million fans on his Spotify, DJ Yves V has surely earned a second in the musical community. The Belgian DJ has successfully played “Wait Till Tomorrow”, “Echo”, “High Like This” and has collaborated with artists from the caliber of Steve Aoki, Missy Elliot, TWICE and Icona Pop.

MEAWW spoke with DJ Yves V about his latest collaboration with the female K-pop group VIVIZ for the brand “Bop Bop”, about the collaboration with TWICE for “The Feels” and about his interest in working with other K-pop artists as well. In an exclusive interview with MEAWW, the DJ has also shared a colorful message that he wanted to learn a carrier as a DJ and his period with Tomorrowland.

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MEAWW: Please, fai luce sul tuo lavoro with VIVIZ per ‘Bop Bop’. How is success? How was the process?

Yves V: Ehi ragazzi, thank you for avermi ospitato! I am a big fan of pop music and work with my singers, who is my organic supply crop and is an enthusiast with our team of potessero farlo accadere management! Donne VIVIZ is supporting the fascination of pop and fun of K-pop for the public all over the world, who is in a simple process to bring him to the world of dance and pass to “Bop Bop” on the dance floor!

MEAWW: I’ve been working with TWICE on the 2021 hit single “The Feels”! With which other artists K-pop vorresti collaborate?

Yves V: Quello è stato also another funny remix! I’ll be fantastic I’ll work with BTS or BLACKPINK, among the straordinari artists that are new, spingendo il suono K-pop in the world man in loro unique style.

MEAWW: You were once one of the great DJs who was going to perform at the Big Bird Music Festival in South Korea. How did you get into the K-pop industry?

Yves V: Penso di essere fortunato che i fan in Sud siano davvero ricettivi alla mia musica – e amino fare festa! Soprattutto with an event like the Big Bird Music Festival, it’s very cosmopolitan, modern and lungimirante, soprattutto essendo own a city like Seoul, who is a brivid essere invited, hopefully I’ll be back soon!

MEAWW: What kind of system would you like to work with when going to an event? C’è qualche set che ti piace particolarmente?

Yves V: Prendo l’approccio a ogni spettacolo dal vivo individually and in different ways and around davvero di leggere il pubblico. Per alcuni events, come i festival più grandi, i fan potrebbero no essere automatically lì solo per vedermi, quindi mi plaza suonare con alcuni mash-up e remix, rispetto a uno spettacolo da club in cui potrei essere l’headliner e posso approfondire le sew or sinistro I finché risk to far ballare the people and fare the turn with me, this is the great feeling!

MEAWW: I will remix a traccia non è un compito facile. Come si fa a trovare il tono giusto per ogni traccia?

Yves V: Mi piace suonare con suoni più profondi, al giorno d’oggi più tendenti alla house rispetto agli stili da big-room, ache so much in so much sleep ancora con quelli. Vedrò semper cosa mi ispira dell’originale, a volte potrebbe is a vocal hook, a volte potrebbe is a melody that I will reinterpret with my timbre of dance music.

MEAWW: When you work with an original composition, how do you work by yourself?

Yves V: Anchor one volta, this changes one volta! Come ho già detto, mi piace molto lavorare con i cantanti, quindi a volte l’ispirazione verrà gives a specific tone of a singer I love, altre volte lavorerà con il mio ingegnere in studio per renderlo più produttivo e strumentale.

MEAWW: I have collaborated and performed a remix with great names like Steve Aoki, Icona Pop, Afrojack and others. How did you state your experience? C’è stata una maggiore pressione during il lavoro con loro?

Yves V: I don’t feel a lot of pressure in this sense, I always have exciting and refreshing collaborations in the studio, especially with my friends who are doing it on the gig, who will enter the studio to do some magic is always a sensation unbelievable!

MEAWW: I will soon be sung in the main box of Tomorrowland with some grand names and I will be a regular host per year. How do you prepare così ogni anno è new ed eccitante?

Yves V: Io ei miei fratelli Dimitri Vegas e Like Mike siamo gli unici due residenti sul paco principale che non invecchiano mai! Ho fatto part of Tomorrowland without dal suo inizio e vedere quanto è cresciuto, per essere now one of the più grandi festival del mundo, mi sembra nient’altro: la production dell’evento surpasses this last year and I will always say it is a must for ogni appassionato di musica. I constantly work on his new music, I’m willing to wear some inni roboanti e classici nei miei set, quindi porto always a combinazione di brani che danno inizio alle feste e l’obiettivo di stuzzicare la mia come alcune esclusive poiche Tomorrowland è il palcoscenico perfetto per farlo!

MEAWW: Portaci across the V-Session. What was your objective in creating the radio program?

Yves V: V-Sessions has also embraced the events, I will even host my box at Tomorrowland, which has permission to invite some great hosts in the Corso degli Anni, tutti curati da me! The radio program that I see as an extension of the one that I offer to my fan as a producer, allowing the parrot to give one to guard my world, that I attend as a DJ and also giving the fan the possibility of living a Yves V atmosphere at the same time haunting the world

MEAWW: Because I aspire to be a DJ, what would be the only lesson I’d like to share with a parrot?

Yves V: Perseverance is the key! The success is not yet another year and, at the same time, any artist will face ostacoli and not in her own carrier, but she believes in her capacity and in that case, she sews it andranno in a positive way.

MEAWW: Quali sono state alcune delle sfide che hai dovuto affrontare when hai deciso di intraprendere la strada del DJing?

Yves V: I was an insignificant prima di fare il jump del voler essere a DJ e produttore a tempo pieno, quindi all’inzio è stato mentally impegnativo, preoccuparme de aver imprisone la decision giusta lasciando a traditional and “stabile” carrier to pursue mine passione, ma non rimpiango niente! I will overcome and dubbi his me stesso e credere davvero di poterlo fare ha aiutato mia visione a diventare più chiara su chi volevo essere como Yves V l’artista.

MEAWW: Bearing in mind your citazione “sta diventando pazzesco”, what is planning dopo? Potresti darci una piccola sbirciatina?

Yves V: I’m happy that I’ve published his molte etichette diverse through Alok’s Controversia Records with Brani like “Imagine Me & You” and “Just Wanna Be Loved”, I’ll return to his Spinnin’ Records for the My recent collaboration with INNA and Janieck – Avrò new music arrived very soon I could be the first to scoprilo having my update social media! Quest’estate also participates in the festival circuit, as long as it sows so long against Covid-19, once it will be on tour in all Europe with all the summer announcements soon – I hope to arrive in India and in the East in the end of the ‘Anno per festeggiare con tutti voi di persona!

Ascolta the remix by Yves V of the song “Bop Bop” by VIVIZ di seguito.

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EXCLUSIVE | DJ Yves V says “he’s impassable” while talking in collaboration with VIVIZ and K-pop-Tebigeek

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