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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has just announced its ingressi for 2022. Quest’anno si tratta di Eminem, Dolly Parton, Duran Duran, Lionel Richie, Pat Benatar, Eurythmics and Carly Simon, tutti in the “Performers” category.

In più, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of Judas Priest received the Musical Excellence Award, along with Harry Belafonte and Elizabeth Cotten and the Early Influence Award. Infine l’Ahmet Ertegun Award, assigned to all’avvocato Allen Grubman, to producer Jimmy Iovine and Sylvia Robinson (singer and fondatrice of Sugar Hill Records).

“This heterogeneous group of artists has had a profound impact on their dreams and on the culture of the people, they have contributed to changing the history of rock’n’roll,” said John Sykes, president of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. «The music parrot has influenced diverse generations and artists».

In this group with Dolly Parton, who will be in the Hall of Fame nonetheless the “resignation” dello scorso march, when he has determined that he did not think he would deserve the income. The Hall of Fame aveva risposto spiegando che era troppo tardi per ritirarsi, poi lei he changed his mind little prima della chiusura delle voting.

“I always thought that the Hall of Fame was born because he played rock music,” he told NPR. «Ho scoperto che non è necessariamente così. Ma se non riconoscono i loro meriti lì, allora chi lo farà? Mi sembrava di togliere spazio a chi meritava più di me, che non mi sono mai considered un’artista rock».

The ceremony will take place on November 5 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. At the eccezione degli Eurythmics, tutti gli award-winning artist quest’anno sono anchor in attività, e no è detto che Annie Lennox e Dave Stewart no possano riproporre the performance organized in 2019 per a benefit concert in New York.

As long as they last and Duran Duran, tutti i musicisti della formazione attuale entreranno nella Hall of Fame. Insieme a loro ci saranno gli ex-chitarristi Andy Taylor e Warren Cuccurullo, che non si esibiscono with the band respectfully from 2006 e dal 2001. «Non sarei qui a parlare con te senza il loro incredibile contributo artistico», said Simon LeBon dopo l’annuncio dell’ingresso della band. «Se ce la faremo, sarebbe bello tornare sul box insieme a parrot».

Also for i Judas Priest the Hall of Fame will be the occasion for a meeting, in this case with KK Downing. The group and the chitarrista were separated in 2011, and they did a series of reciprocal criticism of their label that has founded their version of the band, and KK’s Priest, in 2020. Also, drummers Led Blinks and Dave Holland have also joined the Priest. Holland died in 2018, while Blinks is in the Downing group.

Quest’anno Eminem is the only rapper to enter the “Performers” category. He is also the only one to receive awards to have started to publish music in the year ’90 and the only one to enter the first year of eligibility. For Eurythmics and Judas Priest it was the third nomination, the second for Pat Benatar (who entered with her husband and collaborator Neil Giraldo) and the first for Dolly Parton, Carly Simon and Lionel Richie.

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Eminem, Dolly Parton and Duran Duran entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame | Rolling Stone Italy

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