Editors, published the new single Heart Attack. Ask him who saves the video

gli Publishers ritornano con il nuovo singolo”Heart Attack”. The first new year of 2019 is the entry into the band of the composer and producer vincitore of an Ivor Novello Benjamin John Power, aka Blanck Mass, who is officially agli Editors.

With its pulsating electronic intensity and its synth year ’80, “Heart Attack” is a great introduction to the new era of Publishersfor perfectly aligning with the previous productions thanks to all the sound of the gossip and all the voice of Tom Smith I return it immediately riconoscibile. “‘Heart Attack’ is a brano that talks about an ossession, about losing in anyone else, it’s a brano d’amore, a morbid brano d’amore”, Smith laughs.

Per il video, gli Editors si sono rivolti Regist and visual artist Felix Greenwhich has used the technology of artificial intelligence to create a dark and psychedelic journey, as it has been revealed: “Say it alone when I add a video clip around the Calarmi in her song and find and visual that più la rappresentano. Lately, I’ve been working very hard on the art generated by artificial intelligence, it’s a relatively new technology that is being swept away at great speed. Ci sarà da capire has davvero il potenziale di rivoluzionare il creative process. For the moment, I am going to work with a fuori di testa registry that has been imprisoned by LSD. It’s really interesting I’ll follow a computer in a psychedelic trip”.

He had previously collaborated with gli Editors adding to his production for the sixth album Violence, Benjamin John Power if he prays to Tom Smith, Justin Lockey, Elliott Williams, Russell Leech and Ed Lay for this new chapter in the history of an unstoppable band. Lui stesso racconta: “Avendo lavorato con loro per quasi cinque anni, I will enter far part of Editors è stata una cosa piuttosto naturale, non l’abbiamo vissuta as a decision da prendrere. Sappiamo tutti che lavoriamo bene insieme, ci troviamo allineati sul creative side e siamo molto amici. It is part of a ‘creative conglomerate’ and anything that is not my capital at the time and far part of a band is liberatory and elettrizzante allo stesso tempo”.

“Heart Attack” inaugurates the new era of a band più rilevanti, intriguing and duration of the English scene. Una band che, in ben 17 anni di carriera, non si è mai fermata. Tutti i sei album degli Editors were in the Top 10 in the UK, due si sono piazzati al #1 e il loro lavoro d’esordio The Back Room was awarded for a Mercury Prize. The parrot’s last tour has seen it all’OVO Arena di Wembley in 2020 for the biggest headliner show ever, showing how much the public parrot is always growing. Hanno semper riscosso grande successo altra part del canale, with date sold out and headliner performance at a fun festival in Europe and in the world. The secret of the loro longevità potrebbe essere la capacità di evolversi continuously in the sound pur rimanendo always be rooted in the loro visione. E come suggestisce già “Heart Attack”, questo nuovo capitolo non farà eccezione.

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Editors, published the new single Heart Attack. Ask him who saves the video

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