“DILUVIO”, SERENA’s new voice of Italian indie pop!

It is available from December 6th on all i digital store “DILUVIO”, the singalong of the eclectic singer-songwriter and ballerina SERENA, new voice of Italian indie pop!

Compost and product of the produce D4d (ABNormal) and distribution of Believe – DILUVIO is a brano of the definite electronic imprint that blends perfectly with a pungent and decisive testo, fine and explodes in a powerful drop instrumental that risks ad esprimere all the rage of the ‘ autrice.

I test with cui SERENA if she presents for the first time around her scene, racconta infatti the process that has consented to ribellarsi to a legame dove, più che amata if she feels impregnated and manipulated, where without accorgersene is entered into a vortex of personal evaluation : “Passi la vita ad inseguire un amore irreggiungible, the famous “happy end” of the romantic film and you convinced yourself to be fortunate to stare with someone, even if in rapporto you give only “briciole”; When I heard that my relationship was coughing and wheezing, I felt a great feeling of anger grow in me that I had to rib and I could write this test, as a testimony of that moment that made me painful, my great growth and consapency” – tells SERENA.

The song is accompanied by a video and whose narrative and expressive elements are very real, where the central theme is a choreography, another element through which SERENA thanks the quality of the “dancer” racconta se stessa, accompanied by the two ballerines, “ alleate” in questa battaglia. Il balletto remains central in almost all the video – by the rule of Filippo Micciarelli – characterized by moves, actions and expressions that will tell the story that trasmettono the sensations and emotions caused by the protagonist.

SERENA (Cecchi) is a trentenne singer-songwriter and ballerina born in Terni. Without dal primo vagito she has shown the voglia di esprimersi through the artistic form; she infatti she all’età di 6 anni she participates in all the selections of the Zecchino d’Oro. She, in response, sviluppa la voglia di ballare and understands the studio of dance (modern, classical, contemporary, hip hop and Latin American), an “altro” amore della hera vita della ella, che ella no mai abandonato. She crescendo she began ad approfondire the study of singing and pianoforte and move and first passi in the world of live che, thanks to the participazione of her in some contest, the vedono “opening” of many pop artists (with others Niccolò Fabi, Mauro Ermanno Giovanardi). She continues her preparation by participating in several masters in Rome in canto, dizione, foniatria; Subsequently, she has a diploma as an interpreter at the CET di Mogol. Ribelle, ironic and always solar, she grew up in the knowledge of volersi, expressed and communicated through the music and decided to start her musical career as a professional in 2018 with the meeting with the musician and producer D4d, together with whom she prepares and publishes her EP of debut.

On December 6, 2022, he released his cousin single “DILUVIO” by ABnormal Music – distributed by BeliEve – a good electronic indie pop dove recounts a part of his sentimental life, suffocating all the mature rage in a long relationship inside where he did not render himself with what he was enter into a process of personal assessment.

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“DILUVIO”, SERENA’s new voice of Italian indie pop!

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