Depeche Mode: that was Andy Fletcher, the gentle guitarist who created the sound of the band by Dave Gahan and Martin Gore

I Depeche Mode I have remembered him with the sopranome with whom he was known from Tutti, “fletch.” “AvEva un cuore d’oro ed era semper lì when we avevamo bisogno di supporto, say a brilliant conversation, a beautiful laugh or a beautiful pint of fresh beer.

Andy Fletcher, share on 26 maggio a 60 anni, è un membre fondatore dei Depeche Mode (I am also a fine singer after the arrival of Dave Gahan for the album Speak & Spell in 1981) and an element of basic stability for a band that has been seen at the limit of darkness, through creative interaction and all dynamic light/shadow by Martin Gore and Dave Gahan.

Sono stati proprio Gore e Gahan to say per primi: “Fletch was the one that had insieme the band.”

Lui has always described his strength and his rapport with the band with irony: “Martin writes the songs, Dave is the singer, Alan Wilder is the brave musician and he is simply mezzo-loro.”

born to Nottingham on July 8, 1961Andy Fletcher has grown up in Basildon and has started suonare il basso nella band No Romance in China join his childhood friend Vince Clark. Sono gli anni in cui il punk britannico si evolve verse la new wave: “A perfect moment per essere un ragazzino appassionato di musica. Le mie influence sono state Siouxsie and the Bansheees, cure and kraftwerk”.

If he says that Andy Fletcher abbia I met Martin Gore at the Van Gogh Pub in Basildon: insieme a Clarke formed a band in cui suonano tutti e tre i sintetizzatori, i Composition of Sound, that his suggestion of Dave Gahan changed the name in Depeche Mode . Vince Clarke leaves in 1981, a year after Alan Wilder arrives that remains in 1995 and then Depeche Mode rimangono a trio, publishing quattordici fine album to Spirit of 2017 and launching one of the most important live band in the world, carrying the ‘Elettronica negli stadi. “fletch” if you are always busy I will build the world of my dreams of Depeche Mode, has used tastiere, basso and campionatori to create the dark electronic blues and the aesthetic that has conquered the world (“Siamo più di un gruppo, siamo uncult” as Martin Gore has detto una volta), but if he is also occupied with the Questioni finanziarie della band, soprattutto nella prima parte della loro carriera, when no manager avevano. “I am the tall guy who is dieting and working with this huge printed chiamata Depeche Mode. Mi square stare nell’ombra. Non può esistere una band in cui tutti vogliono stare al centro dell’attenzione”.

Nominated with i Depeche Mode In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020, Andy Fletcher has described his creative contribution to the band: “My contribution is the pop element” he described in an interview in 2009 “Martin loves blues and country, Dave has mastered jazz. Io probably will eternally feed him all the semplicità delle melodie pop e alla leggerezza che trasmettono. Il pop square also ai miei figli.Andy Fletcher was married for 30 years to fidanzata Gràinne Fletcher and lascia due figli, Megan e Joe.

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Depeche Mode: that was Andy Fletcher, the gentle guitarist who created the sound of the band by Dave Gahan and Martin Gore

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