BTS, the new album is an anthology with three new tracks

In the next 10th anniversary of the new album by BTS with the title proof. It will be a true anthology of its own, through the old successes and among the unpublished brani that incarnated the rifles of BTS in the past, in the present and in the future of the music

Second to some indiscretions that arrived directly from the American stamp of The Hollywood Reporter, for the South Korean boy band of the bts, da anni icon of the k-pop genre in the world, sia pronta, anzi prontissima, per rilasciare un ovo disco sulle piattaforme digitali e nei negozi di dischi. Il progetto discografico si chiama proof and will be on sale and available all’ascolto dal prossimo June 10, 2022with the stesso gruppo format da RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hop, Jimin, V and Jungkook, which to see confirmed if I tried a content anthology, to the one of the old successes, also three new traces.

New album arrived by BTS


I BTS have announced the new album loro

I bts yes we prepare stupire (new) and monopolize the album classification and singoli più venduti e streammati in the world, thank you brani del new album proof in arrivo il prossimo 10 years e del quale sono già state aperte le prime prevendite collegandosi ai canali social ufficiali della boy band. Come rivelato dallo stesso gruppo, the new album will be a real and own journey in the story and in the music of BTS, tra brani dall’iconico successo come dynamite and the recent butterfine all great collaborazioni internazionali come My Universe with i Coldplay. Non mancherà però il tasso di novità, with the release of three unpublished songs. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hop, Jimin, V and Jungkook have published on their Instagram last time a story that I will present for the first time live the cover of proof; una scritta bianca, caratteri cubitali, su fondo nero, insert the direct link to pre-purchase the new musical project.

I BTS announce Proof tracklist


Tutti gli album in uscita in 2022

The announcement of the new album proofin arrivo il prossimo 10 yearsit is stato accompagnato dai bts with a video clip After five minutes on YouTube in which the k-pop band racconta, through a journey tra i titoli dei loro EP and relative data di uscita, alcuni tra i brani che saranno integral part of the compilation presto alla release. Ci saranno canzoni estratte dai primi progetti musicali di carriera, come gli album O!RUL8,2?, Skool Luv Affairma last night Love Yourself: Tear, Map of the Soul: 7fine ai più recenti successi di dynamite and from the disk Bepublished in 2020. With proofRM, Jin, SugaJ-Hop, Jimin, V and Jungkook scelgono di celebrate in musica il 9th anniversary of BTS as a group and as a gift inoltre alla loro semper fedele “ARMY” (così ci chiamano i fan dei BTS), a vast collection of my favorite songs. “The anthological album of BTS will incarnate the greatest that is the history and philosophy of the group, which now prepares to live a new chapter of its interesting carrier”. A great way for the band and for i fan of tutto il mondo, to keep fine dove hanno portato gli sforzi passati. The anthology proof sarà compost da ben three CDsonce again and three completely new, that rifled and thought and the idea of ​​​​BTS in the past, in the present and in the future of music.

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BTS, the new album is an anthology with three new tracks

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