Bono Vox agrees to Zelensky’s invitation: surprise concert with The Edge in the kyiv metro

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The frontman of the band of Dublin and the chitarrista have sang in the Khreshchatyk station, as they are invited to the presence of President Volodymyr Zelensky

Surprise concert in the metropolitan city center of kyiv, in Ukraine, of the Irish rock star Bond e of the chitarrista The Edge. Il frontman degli U2 has praised the lotta del Paese per la «libertà» and has also pronounced the sua preghiera “per la pace” From the binary of a station, the rock icon of 61 years has sung insieme to The Edge, another component of the band, and classici degli U2 «Sunday Bloody Sunday», “Desire” and «With or without you». «Le persone in Ucraina non stanno solo combattendo solo por la loro libertà ma per tutti noi che I love freedom», has detto Bono during a break.

The singer has also fatto riferimento ai conflitti passati in Ireland and ai problemi with a neighbor più powerful. “I pray that you can godere soon for a little bit of that pace”, Bono has detailed. At a certain point, the rockstar has invited il ukrainian soldier Taras Topolia to sing insieme with lui. L’esibizione è avvenuta davanti a una piccola fuck di fan, compresi i membri delle forze armate ucraine vestiti in tenuta militare. Poi, join a group of soldiers, the rockstar has intonato «Stand by me»transforming it into «Stand for Ukraine».

Bono e David Howell Evans (The Edge) degli U2 sono arrivati ​​a kyiv and around alle 13 italiane, oggi, domenica 8 maggiodove hanno improvised a live nella stazione di Khreshchatyk, che oggi funge da air raid shelter. The surprise appearance arrived with the laughing siren in the Ukrainian capital. “President Zelensky has invited you to visit kyiv as gesture of solidarity al popolo ucraino — hanno spiegato i due musicisti della band di Dublino in un tweet pubblicato sui social — ed è quello che siamo venuti a fare».

È dall’start of the year ’80 I am a member of U2, as a band and individually, collaborating with other musicians, artists, celebrities and politicians to face serious questions povertyhe malattie the’social injustice. With the initiative più importanti, the participation in band aid In 1984, for raising funds for famine in Ethiopia. Due anni dopo, gli U2 hanno imprisoned part of the concerto di beneficenza Self Aid for the Disoccupation in Ireland e al tour di concerti di beneficenza Conspiracy of Hope supported by Amnesty International.

During the Zoo TV Tour in 1992the Irish band has participated in the concert «Stop Sellafield» with Greenpeace to protest against a ritrattamento impianto of the nuclear fuel. Gli eventi to Sarajevo during the war in bosnia they inspired the song «Miss Sarajevo»presented for the first time in a special by Pavarotti & Friends in September 1995. In Belfast, in 1998, he was the first to vote on the Venerdì Santo’s agreement, Bono e compagni hanno portato sul box i political leader dell’Irlanda del Nord David Trimble and John Hume for promoting “The Good Friday Agreement”.

The band has dedicated the song of 2000 “Walk On” alla burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyisince 1989 house arrest. At the end of 2003, Bono and The Edge have participated in the series of concerts to raise awareness of HIV/Aids in South Africa, since 2005, when U2 have attended the concert Live 8 to London, that Bob Geldof has contributed to mettere in scena on the 20th anniversary of the Live Aid to sustain the campaign Make Poverty History. In the past year, The Edge and producer Bob Ezrin have contributed to presenting Music Risingan initiative to replace the instruments for i musicians in the area of ​​New Orleans colpita dall’uragan katrina.

Nell’april 2020, the group has donated 10 million euros for the acquisition of individual protection devices intended for Irish healthcare operators during the Covid-19 pandemic. The band has also donated 1.5 million dollars to alleviate the impact of the pandemic on the music industry. For his music and for his activism, Bono has won numerous prizes, because of his Legion d’Onore of the French government in 2003; the prestigious copertina di “Person of the Year” of the seventeenth “Time” in 2005 (inserts Bill Gates and Melinda Gates); and a honorary british cavalier in 2007.

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Bono Vox agrees to Zelensky’s invitation: surprise concert with The Edge in the kyiv metro

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