Bono degli U2 announces a new date to present the autobiography

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Bono has announced the new date of his literary tour, the promotional tour of his untitled autobiography Surrender: 40 songs, one story.

The frontman of the Irish rock band will return to New York for a new tappe, as he spied on ieri pomeriggio. The artist has reached out to his social fan. Some believe that he is bollendo qualcosa in pentola lato U2, però chi aveva sperato di sentire pronunciare dal proprio beniamino qualcosa circa date musicali si dovrà accontentare di sentire sì la voce inconfondibile di Bono Vox, ma while he talks. From his book of him.

Bono will return to the Grande Mela per otto esibizioni in the box at the Beacon Theatre. The date appears to be increased sono in program from April 16 and May 3, 2023. As sui social communication, i biglietti saranno available from the 16th (Italian time) of the next 15 December.
Stories of Surrender It is produced by Live Nation and directed by Willie Williams. Also for this new date, Bono will be accompanied by the musician Gemma Doherty, by the British giallist Kate Ellis and by the musical director Jacknife Lee, for a serata of “parole, music and any dispetto”, as promised by Bono.

The additional date of the promotional tour of Bono’s autobiographical book is the following: April 16, 17, 21, 22, 26, 28, 29 and May 3.
In the background this article found the post shared by the profile of Instagram of U2.

The promotional tour


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This special tour sees Bono come voice anziche speaker voice singer is state ribattezzata Stories of Surrender.
But the leader of the U2 canterà and suonerà pure, given that ogni tappa si rivelerà a succulent miscuglio di parole e note suonate dal vivo.
Purtroppo per Bono, però, so many fans expected to feel around 15 di ieri (this time in which is stated the announcement) ben altre novità, overo quelle relative to a different type of tour: a classic tour, musicale , degli U2.

Negli ultimi mesi varie indiscrezioni relative la possibilità di rivedere esibirsi su un boxe la band irlandese hanno alimentato la esperanza del público.
bring i rumors Circolati in this summer, the number one voice is the one that vorrebbe Bono and partner in cartel for 2023 at the MSG Sphere of The Venetian in Las Vegas (che aprirà nei next month).

In the event of a tour, Larry Mullen Jr. will be the greatest assent


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As far as the eventuality of a tour of the U2 targato 2023 is concerned, purtroppo – se così fose – non si potrebbe countar sulla presence di Larry Mullen Jr.
The U2 drummer has spoken about his state of salute in a recent interview with the Washington Post, affirming that the compagni di avventura rock decided they would not intrapreneur a tour nei prosimi mesi purtroppo dovranno fare i conti con la sua assenza. His conditions of health do not allow him to join Bono & Co.

Journalist Geoff Edgers of the Washington Post He reports how much he continues to guard Larry Mullen Jr.: “Èschietto: he says that the band will die alive in 2023, it will probably be without light, because he has undergone a surgical intervention to continue to die. And he ammette che le dinamiche nella band non sono le stesse di decenni fa ”.

In the background this article found the post shared by the profile of Instagram of U2.

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Bono degli U2 announces a new date to present the autobiography

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