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Chiè Antonino Spadaccino

Name and Cognome: Antonino Spadaccino (I met before eating Antonine)
date of birth: March 9, 1983
Luogo di nascita: Foggia
Età: 39 years old
highness: 1 meter and 84 centimeters
Weight: information not available
zodiacal sign: Fish
profession: singer
Fidanzato: information not available
Tattoo: Antonine non dovrebbe avere tatuaggi
instagram profile: @antonino.real

Antonino Spadaccino età, highness and biography

Antonino Spadaccino was born in Foggia on March 9, 1983 under the zodiac sign of Pesci. His name is 39 years old. We saw him chiedendo the highness of the singer, we know that he is 1 meter and 80 centimeters tall, but we do not know his weight. Thanks to the support of his family, Antonino Spadaccino has cultivated the end of the piccolo l’amore per la musica, which has brought him to Vincere Amici di Maria De Filippi, an Italian talent show on his Canale5 from 2003 to 2005.

private life

La carriera di Antonino Spadaccino si riflette bene nella sua presenza sui social media, data that spesso publica post sulle sue iniziative iprenditoriali e sui progetti in corso. Tuttavia, si sa poco della vita privata di Spadaccino. Nell’april 2016 he was fatto coming out come gay, rivaling his sessualità. At the moment we cannot confirm if he does not have or less a sentimental relationship with anyone.

I will follow Antonino Spadaccino: Instagram and social

Spadaccino has an official profile on his Facebook and Instagram. The singer is also a member of the cast of Tale e Quale Show, a popular Italian television program. Between my account I come regularly updated with the photo of Spadaccino’s life.


Spadaccino was born and grew up in Palermo. He has begun to sing self-taught by what his father has warned him about in music in Tenerife. In 2000, Spadaccino began to participate in a variety of song contests, which have brought him fine to the province of Friends of Maria De Filippi in 2004. He has allowed to perform in important duets with Ornella Vanoni, Gino Paoli, Lucio Dalla, Michael Bublé and Ricky Fanté. Gigi D’Alessio praised Spadaccino’s talent for the victory of Amici di Maria De Filippi; he has invited Spadaccino to sing in the fourth serata of the Sanremo Festival to be held in 2009.

In 2005, Spadaccino had a disagreement with Mario Lavezzi who was allowed to produce his first cousin, Ce la farò. That disco gli is worth a gold disc and high positions in classifica. In 2006, he published his first album, Antonino, which they would continue with other projects, as we will see again. With the firm voice of the carrier of Spadaccino ci sono quelle of Andrea Cardillo, important interpreter of the first edition of Saranno Famosi, poi ribattezzata Amici.

Other programs that were mentioned below, in TV we had seen Spadaccino in Trackin the ruolo di coach, ma ache in Bake Off Italy Celebrity Editionin copy with Emma Browne. And in the first edition of the program of both and due to the artist, they arrived at the final victory.

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Antonino Spadaccino chi è? Età, fidanzata, vita privata e carriera – Controcopertina

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