Andrea Braido: «I am also pop and jazz, not just rock»

«My name is strongly associated with rock, but I took part in the tour of “Fronte del palco”, considered the most aggressive album by Vasco Rossi. In fact, I work very well with pop singer-songwriters and jazz sounds. Insomma, mi adatto alle varie experienze: per me l’unica distinzione è tra buona e cattiva musica».
Speaking is Andrea Braido, a well-known chitarrist from the age of Ottanta who has invited to participate in the tour and has contributed to making records in the studio of famous Italian singers and singer-songwriters, from Vasco to Mina, from Laura Pausini to Zucchero. And that, now, is also arrived in our province for this, join the Asti Symphony Orchestra, one of the two “anime” from the “Symphony of rock” project, I perform a concert that includes symphonic and rock music at the New York Scors venue at the Teatro Alfieri a conclusione della rassegna itinerante Monferrato on stage.
We had interviewed him to know the best and passi della career and future projects.

Gli start

I suoi impegni professionali l’avevano già portata in our province?
Yes, I am one of the first to sing at the Aramengo festival and surely I am a fan in the city on occasion of some annual tour.
Lei is a multi-instrumentalist. She has started with the drums, but I can go to the pianoforte and, quindi, alla chitarra. How is love born for this instrument?
Per due motivi. Sounding the battery, which is a rhythmic instrument, my mancavano notes the musicali in quanto harmoniche.
Poi sono stato affascinato dal chitarrista del gruppo in cui, da ragazzino, suonavo la batteria. My piaceva eats him if he twists between him faceva gli assoli, apprezzavo il fatto che the chitarra is a “physical” instrument.
Da lì è nata la passione per uno instrumento cui mi sono avvicinato da autodidatta. I have to specify it, but he continued to play the drums, fundamentally for my way of conceiving rhythm.
Which were not and when did you start to play the guitar?
La scintilla più forte l’ha dating Jimi Hendrix, di cui amavo molto i dischi. Al contempo, da drummer, ascoltavo so much music, per cui alla “scintilla” si sono affiancati il ​​Santana degli esordi ei Deep Purple.
It goes also that my father my fatto bird will ascoltare and dischi di chitarristi jazz fin da bambino, making my latent sensibilità emerge towards the music.
All’inizio della sua careera è stato negli Stati Uniti. ci racconti…
Subito dopo il servizio militare sono partito per l’America. My story is very courageous, because I lost a country of 9 thousand inhabitants of Trentino to go to sleep in jam session in New York and Boston. Sono state esperienze fundamentali per la mia carrera.
Il motivo per cui sono tornato in Italia è legato al fatto che sentivo una grossa solitudine, tipica della vita nelle metropoli americane.
When I sound close, let me know, if it sounds open, the port of the Italian music world. Sono state chiamato to take part in the tour with Patty Pravo, in 1986, since I started my itinerary also in pop.

I turned him

From that moment he started ad andare on tour with the best Italian singer-songwriters…
Yes. In that period my aveva avvicinato a Baccini sconosciuto che stava testing ad affacciarsi to the Italian musical scene and my aveva proposto di fare dei provini. Così è nata a collaboration that if è protratta per 4/5 dischi.
Inoltre il mio nome “girava molto” nel mundo della musica perché, oltre al pop, suonavo jazz in various club storici di Milano e Genova. Così da arrivare Vasco Rossi, che quegli anni aveva rotto i rapporti con la sua band de él. At the end of 1988, he was called to do an audition for lui e poi, during a period in which he had a lot of fun for me musically, he was born “Fronte del palco”, considered one of the most powerful dischi of his career. I come roughly associated with that tour because I had a concert that was aggressive and spiccatamente rock non si era mai sentito in Italy.
What has he tried on occasion of the audition?
I was very calm, even though when I experienced New York I saw the wind, I didn’t fear anything. I am arrived with a loose beard, so much that I present my guardavano as a Martian was fossi perché if they were not imaginati a musician with a different aspect.
Can I tell a legato story to the “Fronte del palco” tour?
One day, during a concerto in the Marche, there was a leggera pioggerellina per cui il box was bagnato, press the frontal pedana dove mi muovevo. Il problem è che, while I was running for a year, I sounded swaying and “flying” outside the box with the guitar and the radio microphone. A body guard has “acchiappato” me in flight and has “rimesso” me in the box, for which I continue to sleep as if there were no pits.
With chi have you washed successively?
During the test with Vasco, I have called also Mina, but I dovuto give up per mancanza di tempo.
So I followed several impegni, after which the tour with Zucchero, four/five important discs in the studio, I toured with Ramazzotti all’estero and, in 1991, the first album with Mina, which I followed altri dieci.
In the early days of the new year with Vasco, quindi with Laura Pausini, Celentano, for some part of the tour with foreign musicians, another made several solo discs starting in 1991. Today a large personal discography that affianca and disci with i italian singer-songwriter
Lei ha un’anima rock?
I am very associated with rock via the tour with Vasco, very popular. But I was also one of the musicians who has participated in the making of the dvd in Mina’s studio where I never showed myself in public.
Insomma, I have always studied to be able to face various experiences. For me, in my opinion, the distinction is only good and captivating music.

I plan for the future

What are their plans for the future?
Innanzitutto il progetto con l’Orchestra Sinfonica di Asti, ideato da Cristiano Massaia, which foresees the crossroads of rock and symphonic music. A project that I have very many and that will be proposed in all Europe.
At the same time I’m working on a new acoustic record, which will be uscire next spring, I’m starting a part of other jazz projects that my vedranno will bring home to Christmas in various areas of South Italy.
In his book “Energy life”, made with Andromeda production and sold on Amazon, he refers to the fact that music comes from television. He ci spiega il suo point of view of him?
E’ evidente che ormai la musica è bistrattata a colonna sonorous ironica di situazioni comiche. On television if he speaks only of the singer and non if he considers what the musician is quasi a mestiere. I claim that it is contradictory to one State that if it self-proclaims Paese dell’arte if it abbia this consideration of musicians.
I am a strong personality and my disagreement, ma ci sono colleghi che patiscono molto esta situazione.
In this answer, I am happy that I will not be on television: when I succeed in the past, I am alive and it was a different consideration. Ora si ragiona only sulla base dell’audience.

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Andrea Braido: «I am also pop and jazz, not just rock»

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