Also Spotify is licensed, 6% of which depends on the risk. Il fondatore: «Contenere i costi non è enough»

Both Amazon, Microsoft and Google, also the streaming music service must tag 400 posts. CEO Daniel Ek: “I don’t take any responsibility”

Non c’è più argine al «mal di Tech». Tutti i colossi digitali che avevano assunto e investito during the pandemicfavorites of the preferential channels with the world that appeared during the lockdown, now they are costretti a fare marcia indietro

Nemmeno the risparmiata music

Stavolta plays Spotify, the music streaming service is famous in the world: Monday has said in a message that depends on 6% of its force working globally, for around 400 people. it’s state CEO Daniel Ek In person I will announce the restoration, as part of the renovation that entails a management break. «To align maggiormente i nostri costi, Abbiamo imprisoned the difficult decision is necessary to rid our number of dependents», has written Ek.

The global crisis

The great technological company eats Amazon, Microsoft and Google We have announced some of the migrations of the labor post tags that this month during the economic boom that the industry has experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic is over. Spotify, based in Stoccolma, has benefited from the blocchi dovuti alla pandemia because most people have had close intrattenimento when they were not bloccate at home.

The business model

Ek has indicated that the business model of the company, from the time incentrato sulla crescita, will evolve. I costi operativi dell’azienda lo scorso anno sono cresciuti al doppio della crescita dei ricavia divario che sarebbe «unsustainable at the end»In any economic climate, it is still difficult to fill it with «a challenging macro response», he has affirmed. Spotify has made “uno sforzo considerevole” per contenare i costi negli ultimi mesi, “ma semplicemente” it’s not enough», has said.

During the pandemic

«I hope I will sustain and forti venti favorevoli of the pandemic and believe that our broad global business and the minor risk for the impact of a slowdown of the announcements ci the isolated avrebbero. Col senno di poi, ero troppo ambizioso nell’investire prima della crescita dei nostri ricavi», has affirmed Ek. He has said that this is why the company is tagging its global labor force of around 6%, without providing a specific number of lost posts of labor. Spotify has referred to its last annual report from Avere around 6,600 employees, which implies that 400 posts from jobs are still tagliati. «I assume the full responsibility for the mosse che ci hanno portato qui oggi», has said Ek.

Gli altri in crisis

Dopo anni di crescita inebriante, gli analisti affermano che le aziende tecnologiche sono costrette a tagliare posti di lavoro in preparation for an economic recession that will likely reduce the demand for software, products and services and ridurrà la spesa publicitaria digitale. Own the seventeenth scorsa, Google has announced that it is tagging 12,000 work postslie Microsoft has announced that Avrebbe will eliminate 10,000 laboratoriescarrying at least 48,000 the number of tags that the Big Tech company has announced only to Gennaio.

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Also Spotify is licensed, 6% of which depends on the risk. Il fondatore: «Contenere i costi non è enough»

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