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What is the meaning of the term arabian fuzz che gli Al-Qasar have scelto per identify the loro musical proposal, “Who Are We” proves that a volte la globalizzazione does not imply the sopraffazione da part dell’arte occidentale sulle altrui culture.
Gli Al-Qasar nascono dall’estro di Thomas Attar Bellier, chitarrista e suonatore di oud As a member of the metal and psych-rock band not only in the Middle East (in America he has suoned with i Blaak Heat and Spindrift) and in the encounter of Bellier with the Moroccan singer Jaouad El Garouge. Galeotta fu Parigi, prima piazza ad accoglierne I will set fire to exhibitions that consolidate the current formation. Formerly due to musicians sopracitati, fanno part of the group Guillaume Théoden (bass), Nicolas Derolin (drums and percussion) and Paul Void (drums).
In 2020, Al-Qasar published an EP, “Miraij”, which confirms the band’s strongly modern and cosmopolitan nature.

Thomas Attar Bellier has suddenly ben chiaro in mind that his son will get by gli Al-Qasar, ed è per questa ragione che, across amicizie comuni, contatta Lee Ranaldo dei Sonic Youth. Well, the limitations caused by Covid costingeranno i due to musicisti to a remote collaboration, but equally fruitful.
Bellier has given his other winning letter, the friendship with Jello Biafra from the Dead Kennedys, and with the questi elementi in gioco that the band’s esordio finally takes shape.

“Who Are We” is a project rooted in the present, an album that has the cultural diversity of the five members (France, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and the United States) and the opportunity offered by the interaction of instruments from the ambiti non semper affini ( chitarre fuzzy, oud Arab, saz Turkish, darbukavintage amplifier, battery, drone musicbasso e archi).
The use of the Arab language fortifies the political nature of the testi: not only ferociously criticizes the political corruption in “Ya Malak” – qui Jello Biafra recites some phrase of the Egyptian revolutionary poet Ahmed Fouad Negm – but also an aspra and toccante denunciation of the fruitfulness of the female prostitution, attached to a vibrant psychedelic rock and all the voice and all parole of the famous Egyptian singer Hend Elrawy: “Le generazioni non sono d’accordo, su di te, ma ti have bought with i loro soldi, chi ti protegge? Support the crisis and there is no status”.

Di par intensità un’altra pagina affidata a lady in first line per i diritti umani, the Sudanese-American Alsarah, who sings of love and revolution in the frenetic intreccio of romanticism and rhythm of “Hobek Thawrat”, giving away one of the più moment intensity of the whole disc.
The psychedelic component and the visceralità, a volte sgarbata, of “Who Are We” are an’ultimate confirmed dell’autenticità della proposta della band, per nulla intimorita dall’idea di affidare allo svogliato arab rock’n’roll “Benzine” protests against the petroleum industry, but does not confuse it with the electro-funk of “Sham System”.

Tested with his great intuition and without a creative brake, the Al-Qasar album is an electrifying fusion of Arab psychedelic and rock, an album that does not induce the medium instantly in all its trame più eversive, like the blues graffio of Lee Ranaldo at the opening of the vertiginous “Awtar Al Sharq” and the inno generational potential of the insane “Awal”, a branch that benefits from a musical vision that is anchored by richness and colta of how much it is hypothesized to give the premiere.
”Who Are We” is one of the most powerful discs of the year and gli Al-Qasar was the giusta dose of insolenza and impertinence of the rock that rock has mastered sopravvivere in questi anni bui.


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Al-Qasar – Who Are We :: Le Recensioni di OndaRock

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