A rocker suonerà l’inno di Mameli a Misano: “Bagnaia? A guy da blues”

The musician Giulio Maceroni, accompanied by a violin quartetto, suonerà l’inno di Mameli prima del GP di Misano: “Sarà una rivisitazione in chiave rock”. Grande appassionato di motori, he says: “Aleix Espargaro has a rock mood, while Quartararo sows one of funky soul”

Federico Mariani

Rock and roll in Superbike and MotoGP. In one sport già elettrizzante di suo della, Giulio Maceroni has introduced idee fresche abbinate al mondo della musica. Chitarrista classe 1994 of comasche origin, he has thought of uniting his musical performance with his acrobatic pilots. A format born in 2017 with the idea of ​​the show “Rock to Flip” and, due anni più tardi, with a project that involves Yamaha Music and the motorcycle sector of the Japanese house. In 2022, Ricco di Soddisfazioni is revealing: the arrival at Donington in the Superbike round and for the honor of the success of Mameli’s cousin of the GP at Misano.

Giulio, how do you feel when you know that the Italian cousin of the GP of Misano is about to suonato?

“Ho prisoner the bike and ho cominciato to pedalare per scaricare l’adrenalina (ride ndr.). This is obviously a unique emotion. I will start working with Davide Bulega, who for a year has imprisoned his heart in my project and I have encouraged him to insert him into Motorsport with a deep and entrepreneurial vision. And obviously a thank you to the promoter of the GP of San Marino for the opportunity. It will be beautiful to suonare l’inno di Mameli, also it will be rivisiterò in my own way”.

“Non intaccherò la sacralità, ma lo renderò, por così dire, più giovane e fresco, in chiave rock. Verrò accompanied by a quartetto composed by Matteo Lipari and Silvia Beatrice Pagano, Giovanna Di Domenico and Caterina Cocco. Saranno parrot ad aiutarmi to realize my idea”.

Da where is born l’amore per i motori?

“La passione per i motori arriva dalla famiglia, departe da mio fratello e mio padre who were innamorati delle due ruote. I always breathe quest’aria. I sound cresciuto a pane e valentino rossi. Vale has changed the personality and the character that made him a true personaggio. A favorite pilot tra quelli attuali? I dovessi sceglierne uno attuale, direi Bagnaia”.

Lei è riuscito unire la musica ai motori. A project that was born from the lontano.

“That’s it. In 2017 I created a structure: Rock to flip. If I tried to give a show in cui, while I dreamed, I piloted if I was ibiscono in acrobazie over my head. In 2019 we will join Yamaha music and Yamaha motorcycle in an amazing collaboration. Addirittura ho lavorato in a studio di registrazione a forma di igloo. Well, I know Davide Bulega who has imprisoned my heart in my project. It was stato lui to sviluppare with a team of progettisti di caschi for the first time he turned a chitarra into the shape of an integral helmet with which he flew to Donington on the weekend of the Superbike. It’s exciting to get the warmth of the fans on that occasion with a photo and autograph”.

In passing lei has also worked on a project legato alla fondazione di Marco Simoncelli. To perform the music she is inspired by which treatment of the Italian pilot compared to 2011?

“Certo! Ho chiesto immagini inedite per inspirarmi maggiormente a Simoncelli when he was giovanissimo. My data has been diverse and gives me information about inspiration. Poi sono passato al lavoro con gli ingegneri del suono”.

Lei ha il rock nel sangue. C’è qualche pilota che sembra avere la stessa characteristica?

“Beauty lady. My piacerebbe scegliere Francesco Bagnaia, ma sows me a blues type. Il pilota più rock and roll è estato Rossi, tra quelli ancora in attività direi Marc Márquez. An unbelievable one is Aleix Espargaro. He sows a soldier in mission, he is accustomed to lavorare sodo. He has incredible tenacity. A big rock”.

Se Bagnaia è blues ed Espargaro has a rock mood, come if Fabio Quartararo can include?

“I will say that it is funky soul. There is a hammering rhythm, precise and instancabile”.

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A rocker suonerà l’inno di Mameli a Misano: “Bagnaia? A guy da blues”

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