A pizzico di giallo: the Rocket Punch formula to conquer the world of K-Pop

The last comeback of Rocket Punch with CHIQUITA was a real success because this ragazze that was tornate with the parrot’s fourth EP, “Yellow Punch”. Made up of members Yeonhee, Juri, Suyun, Yunkyeong, Sohee and Dahyun, the group born under Woollim Entertainment and the global gesture of MJ Tonz has shown with CHIQUITA a bright and lively side. “Yellow Punch” is the fourth product of the Color Collection of the Rocket Punch started with the parrot’s first mini-album “Pink Punch”. The group, from its debut, is in a state to show it forever, all the energetic “Pink Punch”, all’hip and kitsch teen crush “Red Punch”, fine to the refreshing “BluePunch”.

Panorama.it has opened the possibility of chiacchierare with parrot.

The last time we talked was when the acoustic version of “Ring Ring” was played. Now seven I will return with a new album and a song with completely different vibes. Potete dirci qualcosa di più su “Yellow Punch”?

Bye, panorama. Bye, Ketchy! Piacere di conoscervi tutti! Finally Rocket Punch was turned into “Yellow Punch”. Ispirandoci alle passerelle di moda we are ready to show our crescita. (ridono)

In the Korean culture, il giallo means to sviluppare the knowledge of oneself as a point of departure to broaden the mind. C’è qualcosa che volete raggiungere come Rocket Punch?

Juri: Voglio vincere il primo posto negli spettacoli musicali che non abbiamo ancora fatto.
SUYUN: Starting with Yellow Punch, we hope there is a point of departure but not to find a person. We would hope that there would be an album in which we could insert ourselves into the heart of my person.

I think that this is a color that will have a great impact on the life of the Rocket Punch in the future. Se doveste scegliere ora, quale tonalità di giallo vi rappresenta meglio?

YUNKYOUNG: I think il colore giallo che mi esprime meglio sia il pastello giallo! Molte persone usono i pastelli when I design! Voglio esprimermi freely and in a different way, regardless of the concetto and dall’aspetto.
Sohui: Mango… Il mio giallo preferred fruit.

We talked about the concept of this album. Le Rocket Punch is the donne d’affari della moda soon to revolutionize the industry. What kind of influenza do you think you’ll stay avendo sul K-Pop in this moment?

Yeonhee: I think that the Rocket Punch abiano ancora sews the odds. Pray I feel like a runner soon to run, looking forward to feeling the sign of partanza!
SUYUN: Let’s launch a fight in our noiosa vita quotidiana. As we say, we were working very hard to make a fresh K-pop, and I think we will be able to do it in the future! Ma quello che è chiaro è che i Rocket Punch have a bag of sewing to carry forward esibendosi nel K-pop, and continue to work sodo ea crescere!

This comeback rules fashion. As an Italian newspaper designer who lives in the heart of the fashion industry, with a demand: which accessories are a must-have per voi?

Juri: I am very interested in fashion, I thought that the color would be the piuttosto point of the article!
Dahyun: Indosso spesso berretti e collane. My place la sensation alla moda e comoda dei berretti, and indosso always the necklace that my mother gave me.

CHIQUITA is a song that combines the retro sensation of the disco and the Eurodance of the year ’80. Cosa avete pensato la prima volta che avete sentito questa canzone?

Yeonhee: Little little girl. Il cinguettio was così orecchiabile che ho continuato a canticchiare. (ride)
YUNKYOUNG: At the beginning, it was so impressive that I was always più high from the beginning all the way, and because I was singing “CHIQUITA CHIQUITA WHAT” as I walked along the road without telling me. Wow, I will continue to think of this song! Ecco thing ho thought!

From your debut, avete pubblicato quattro mini album. Rosa, rosso, blu e giallo sono tutti colori unici. Can you tell the difference between your debut album, Pink Punch and Yellow Punch?

SUYUN: Pink Punch is where we started. Bye bye and Rocket Punch! This is an album that contains our various colors with the sensation that doesn’t give us the stesso giallo in this album with a lot of tonalities for a group that is growing at the end of its debut.
Sohui: I think that there is a big difference in the nature of the consapevoli di noi stesse.

Doveste describe this album in 3 parole, which parola useeste?

YUNKYOUNG Trustworthy! I! Passerella!
Dahyun: Voglio esprimere “Yellow Punch” in three parole: beauty inaspettata, sforzo e crescita.

Oltre al giallo e alle sue sfumature, quale colore pensate che vi descriva di più e perché?

Juri: Rosso! When I color dark, I think that the red is the color that expresses my personality in my godly place and I will work sodo.
Group: White! I think that the white is the color that varies in degree to show what people express and feel. And whatever the color is if you design, the color will be inciso così com’è! I saw we will show our fascination. Haha

Infine, please, can you give me a message to your fan?

SUYUN: Ketchy, watch out for the Rocket Punch’s return! Siamo finally turns with Yellow Punch! For how many seven mancati, we abbiamo worked hard on this album, quindi cerchiamo di essere tutti felici! I hope you can tingere il mondo di giallo con noi! My seven mancati molto! Please, aspettateci always eagerly!
YUNKYOUNG: Ketchy, thanks for finding out a long way! Raccogliamo un sacco di ricordi felici e divertenti insieme. Grazie semper e vi master!

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A pizzico di giallo: the Rocket Punch formula to conquer the world of K-Pop

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