A Casa delle Arti di Conversano rap and pop with Keevuitton, Wism E Dam

On the due date of the premiere, Monday 26 December, the third appuntament officially launched by “LA RIVOLUZIONE” arrives. This data from the group of independent music produced by NODE and Casa delle Arti, will see the stage of three diverse artists from the rap, hip hop, indie barese scene: KEEVUITTON, WISM, DAM + BHC collective; Currently, the dj set of MENGO T, member of NITCH Soundsystem, partner of the rassegna, and of the Midnight Resistance Hi Fi label. Opening Porte ore 21:00.

Exclusively available in pre-sale online the PROMO ECO PACK, an “ecological rate”, designed to discourage environmental pollution, including car sharing. Acquisando, infatti, from 2 to 5 biglietti with this promotion, the biglietto will cost 12.00 euro instead of 15.00.

INFO AND BIGLIETTI: https://bit.ly/larivoluzione26_12

During the serata si susseguiranno sul box at Casa delle Arti rapper KEEVUITTON, producer and singer-songwriter WISM, producer DAM accompanied by the BHC collective who arrived in the box at the RELEASE PARTY of the latest album “P/EXXXXXXXXXXXXX”, and finally dj MENGO T (Bass Music, UK Garage, Hip Hop). In opening, directly from Casa delle Arti, the artists of the serata will star in a special performance of the RKO radio program RAPPERCUT, partner of the rassegna, the format dedicated to rap and hip-hop music ideated and condoned by Giuan e Skid (Hip Hopera Foundation) join Meekron and Sup Nasa.

KEEVUITTON, to the secret Vito Fascina, class ’98, begins to publish his music in 2013. In 2015, during a trip to London, he begins to outline the basis for his project: “Point of Review”, a concept album based on his scenarios of viaggi, airports and metropolitan life. In 2016 I won the “VINILE D’ARGENTO” award, obtaining the possibility of participating in the Sanremo Area and the capodanno of Verona. Between 2016 and 2022 he publishes several singoli with diverse collaborations, also international. At the moment Keevuitton is working on his next project, keeping one safe from Europe.

WISM is the pseudonym of Gabriele Terlizzi producer, poly-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter molfettese class 1997. Gabriele composes music whenever he has given years. In 2011 he founded the math rock band “The Pier” and in 2019 he is live and collaborates with Franco 126. Cultore della musica campionata, he creates with his pezzi sound collage a metà fra l’hip hop experimental and l’indie. Pazienza il suo primo album de é uscito lo scorso 7 octobre por Kallax Records e peermusic ITALY.

DAM, class ’98, is a producer from Barça currently residing in Firenze. The sound of DAM is eclectic but always accompanied by a nostalgic feeling and vintage sound. He starts his project in 2019 and is now collaborating with various local artists. After the publication of some songs and an EP, in 2020 he presents his first solo album “BLUE LIGHT SESSION # 1”, a one-minute raccolta di brani originally published only on his Instagram profile. In 2022 he returns, after a silent year, with an EP in collaboration with Dope, “Motivo” and with his second solo album “RED LIGHT SESSION #2”, a 30-track album. In this year he created, together with Davide Namoini (ex Molotox) the BHC team, from which fanno part currently there are Davide, Gabe.One, Charlest-T, Dope, Vid Kudo, Edoardo Curcio, Ali Oztürk and Loia-San.

MENGO T is a rapper, producer and dj active from the first year of 2000. With the rap duo SottoTorchio, he has made four projects between 2006 and 2014, with the cult album “Musica per organi caldi” (2009). Member of the sound system and label Midnight Resistance Hi Fi, nonché fondatore della piccola label dubstep Blunt Force, and his set of him spaziano tra le varie sfumature della bass music, dal reggae alla UKG, pasando por hip hop e grime.

LA RIVOLUZIONE is a concert group that is born from the scope of giving voice to generi and ottogeneri less known to the great public and who, by far, sceglie the music of some of the most interesting national, international and local independent artists: dall’hip- hop all’elettronica psichedelica, from intimate indie-pop to rap di rottura.

Partner della rassegna: Ilikepuglia, RKO, Hangar Booking, Nitch SoundSystem, Radio Bachi, Oooh.events

Node è un Hub che si dedicada al sostegno e allo sviluppo della creatività en ambito musicale. Il nome Node, deriving from the Latin nodus, represents the vocation to the creation of networks and points of incontroversity from real distant food. Without dalla his foundation in 2013 Node si è impegnata per avvicinare ad ogni livello il mercato musicale italiano a quelli esteri, andando nella stessa direzione degli investimenti strutturali currently in corso sul settore musicale e delle politiche di harmonizazione a livello europeo. In order to support its own activities, Node has received financial and organizational support from rilevanti soggetti, their private pubs, such as Regione Puglia, Puglia Sounds – Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and Fondazione Cariplo.

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A Casa delle Arti di Conversano rap and pop with Keevuitton, Wism E Dam

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