Vengeance is a black satire on the cultural divisions of the Stati Uniti

17 September 2022 09:08

Il notevole debutto alla regia dell’attore BJ Novak, vengeanceSee a writer from Brooklyn set off for western Texas with the goal of transforming the pain of a family into a podcast. It is a satire that rivals the reality of our time as another sa fare.

BJ Novak, noted soprattutto per essere coautore e attore della comic series officehas been a bit of a sceneggiatore-regista-attore principale in the film vengeance, product of the Blumhouse productions. Il film mi è piaciuto, in good part. I will say that I was stagnant, there about a leggero intrattenimento, and anchor under the extraordinary effect of the new film by Jordan Peele, nope, in a room in the stesso cinema. The coda was tutta per vedere nopeil che mi ha permesso di avere una sorta di proiezione privata.

vengeance sow i will start eat one dark comedy di poche pretese, la storia di uno scontro tra culture opposte, quella tra New York e il Texas. The first scene of the film shows the insopportabili narcissist of the media world at a party – Novak plays Ben Manalowitz, a New Yorker writer who lives in Brooklyn, while the musician John Mayer, Novak’s friend in her real life, plays the friend of Ben – I didn’t smettono to control the phone and continued to interrupt the vicenda. The argument of the conversation is the fact that the parrot is not avere legami con niente e nessuno sia in realtà an ammirevole way per massimizzare le straordinarie possibilità offerte dalla vita. It is ironically changed by the scandito dal loro ripetere in continuazione “al cento per cento”, which denotes a total, absolute determination.

Quel che segue è la storia di come Ben sia costretto a trascorrere del tempo in a perduta zone of western Texas, dopo la morte di una delle tante ragazze che frequentava, apparently per overdose. Il fratello di lei, district of pain, Ty Shaw (impersonated by Boyd Holbrook), claiming that Ben fosse il suo ragazzo de la, fa le sul senso di colpa for forcing him to participate in the funeral.

Theorist of the conspiracy, Ty is convinced that his sister Abilene “Abby” Shaw (Lio Tipton), described as a person who is so dark that “not avrebbe imprisoned without an aspirin”, not possa essere morta por un’overdose, e deve quindi essere stata uccisa, forse da un cartello di narcotrafficanti messicani. Delivering her funeral in a pick-up truck, heavily armed, Ty asks Ben to help him “vendicate” Abby’s death. Convolto dalla proposta, ma close to keep calm, Ben close to pull if he was saying that one of the limits is that if it is imposed it is that I will not avenge the death of the person.

Aggiunge also did not see the habit of behaving if it was found in a film by Liam Neeson, referring to the film of azione pieni di armi e sparatorie, di cui è specialista l’attore. Ma Ty laughs it off: “And once he planted his own character in a Liam Neeson film. What was the title? Oh yeah, Schindler’s list!”.

Secondo Sellers The problem of deep rural Texas is that straripa di creatività ma la gente no sa che farsene

At what point does Ben agree that this potrebbe is his opportunity to provide a new and sensational podcast to Eloise (Issa Rae), a high-lived producer who, in New York, has accused Ben of being a troppo chiuso nei suoi pensieri, e che doveva lavorare a little ‘più con il cuore. The result is dead white girl – “il sacro Graal dei podcast” – concept with cynicism to enjoy the interest of the public sia per gli omicidi irrisolti sia per storie theoretically authentic di colore locale, che presento personaggi reali degli Stati Uniti profondi.

Arrived in rural Texas, Ben is the classic fish for water, perso in a culture that does not capisce and disprezza. Only that he has not been in nessuno with cui scambiare sguardi ironici in quelle pianure desolate. Inevitably, after spending time with Abby’s family and interviewing the person from the post about her life and the death of her ragazza, Ben will see a dopo l’altra le sue superficiali convinzioni sugli stati repubblicani, che si fanno semper less scontate hand in hand who knows person That part of the plot, also predictable, is spesso piuttosto divertente, and if it is based on esperienze reali dello stesso Novak, who has traveled long and long in the rural Texas to fare ricerche per this film: “I thought that I wanted to make a big deal with beards and pick-up trucks, but I was very suspicious of a Hollywood democratic man, but the real estate is so totally l’opposto”, he says. “The culture più accogliente che abbia mai conosciuto. I am going to have Easter dinner and I will personally show my poetry that I have written avevano”.

The sense of colpa di Ben, who malapena recalled the full name of Abby, and the attention and kindness paid by the family of the ragazza, began to intaccare il his sense of superiority city. And it seemed to him that he had a superficial idea of ​​him crollano definitively when he met Quentin Sellers (a surprisingly effective Ashton Kutcher), a man dai modi raffinati che indossa a chappello Stetson and the record company whose name is Andy Warhol’s Factory. The parrot prima conversazione ricorda a moment di Mezzogiorno e mezzo di fire (1974) by Mel Brooks, when the bright black sceriff (Cleavon Little) di una rozza città bianca del west meets the erudite gunslinger Waco Kid (Gene Wilder) who chiede “thing fa un signorino come te en questa cittadina da quattro soldi” .


Secondo Sellers the problem of deep rural Texas is that it straripa di creatività to the people not sa che farsene, and that ends by generating a domestic folk and a fantastic mythology that feeds cultural divisions. Sellers sows Svolgere, as an apparently ecumenical spokesman for his region, a great worker for Ben, who is self-attributed to the author of the podcast who spiegheranno gli Stati Uniti a loro stessi.

Il film si fa più cuando when the complottistica theory of Ty sull’omicidio di Abby begins to sembrare semper più realistica. At the end of the film, which he nearly diverted quickly into the depths, with an impromptu explosion of philosophical change, followed by a violent conclusion, the demand is: BJ Novak did he make a fare in the film that he returned?

Per me, non c’è riuscito. Ma va bien: è il tentative first of a film per il cinema gives part of this veteran of television. Novak is an entertaining and satirical abbastanza in a time when the furious satire and the dark comedy dovrebbero essere la regola e non l’eccezione: merita di poterci riprovare.

(Translation by Federico Ferrone)

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Vengeance is a black satire on the cultural divisions of the Stati Uniti

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