The “sala è centrale” ma i cinema sono vuoti

Dopo due anni dalla comparsa del Covid-19, laughter in an evident way the crisis of the film comes out. I number I am impietos: Italy is the only one of the great European countries showing a negative sign (-7%) from incassi 2021 compared to 2020 (France +47.5%, Great Britain +75%, Germany +20%, Spain +45%) is the comparison of the “full opening” period (from April 2021) with the analogous period of the three-year period 2017-2019 segna a calo tra il 50 and il 60%. In termini assoluti, the loss of the comprehensive fatturato (box office + concessions) from 2021 compared to 2019 is estimated at around 700 million euros and by 2022 if it reaches a value close to 60%, corresponding to 600 million euros. In this answer, the Italian cinema is that più colpito and is the source of quindi di maggiori preoccupazioni. I am valued that I met in discussion the survival of the entire system. This is the time to question whether its possible future scenarios and I will try to formulate proposals that are urgently needed by the Italian film industry.

The government and the Ministry of Culture are always stati vicini al sector assicurando in questi due anni gli strumenti e le risorse por affrontare dapprima l’emergenza and en seguito por suporare la ripresa. Oggi is necessary one further effort. Sottolineare la “centralità della sala” is not a slogan. It would appear singular that due to great television groups such as Rai and Mediaset, with a fan of Rai Cinema and Medusa, if they concentrated on the crisis of the theatrical market. Siamo convinced assertori della centralità delle sale non por una ragione «romantica» ma per solide motivazioni industriali e di Sistema.

In primo luogo, I richly generated the distribution of the film and the release of the film has always been fornito, an important flow of laughter is necessary for the recovery of the investment che, è utile ricordare, I understand the production and the promotion. The success or less of a film in theater, therefore, has traditionally represented an essential parameter for the valuation (also economic) of the opera and a fundamental instrument of labor for the operator of the set (broadcasters included). It is undeniable the importance that the edge brings to the cinema for the “visibility”, also international, of the film and of its talent (recorded, interpreted, technical figure) and the “strategic position” in the panorama of audiovisual products. It is not a case that the film has the content of the fruit in assolute and that with the highest value at the time. In fine, it occurs to me that the settore offers lavoro a decine di migliaia di persone tra occupati diretti e indotto.

Se tutti i soggetti coinvolti (produttori, distributori, esercenti ed il governo) ritengono che “centralità della sala” si una valore aggiunto per la catena del valore del prodotto audiovisivo, It is necessary that i proceed to intervene by looking at a safeguard dell’esclusività della visione al cinema and verse a prize reserved for products thought, realized and distributed by the movie theater.

Le nostre proposte per scongiurare una pericolosa derivation of the Italian cinematographic system sono quattro. If I try to intervene structurally for I share che tuttavia non richiedono tempi e risorse particolari per essere implementati:

1.Chronology. As recently announced by Minister Franceschini, relatively late in the 90 years for all the film, it is due and responds to the need for a regulation for a short period of time as it governs the chronology of the film. We are afraid that it is not enough for us to get into the room with the switchboard to let us know: we understand that and 15 months have been set up in France, it is effective (there are 96 million and big sales in 2021 Oltralpe at the front of 25 million in Italy), it may be difficult to change Ma riteniamo che 180 giorni di finestra a protezione dell’uscita in sala siano ragionevoli e necessari almeno per i prossimi tre anni. In particular, rispetto alla cronologia gli interventi da noi proposti riguardano: finestre di sfruttamento uguali per tutti i film (italiani e stranieri); The end of 180 days to the protection of the lives in the room rispetto agli altri sfruttamenti, at least per i prossimi tre anni (because it will eventually turn to 105 days before the pandemic).

2.Tax Credit alla distribution. Il tax credit alla distribuzione is an intervention for the benefit of the product and not of the distributor; Not carrying the public in the cinema may allow the film to arrive in the room forti of a good campaign of communication, essential budget for attiring the spectators, limiting the period of the crisis and eventually losing the economy. This measure allows me to invest more in the advertising campaign of the film, giving more visibility to the product. We credit five times if it is opportune to extend it for three years to 60% of the aliquot of this instrument.

3.Tax credit on production. We opportunely have a distinction that is fatta a priori to the film for which a cinematographic request and film rivolti ad altre modalità di fruizione are foreseen. A film per il cinema carries with it an economic potential that is high and rich in the launch and consequently makes the best use of it long and in every element, including the star system, is valued. Per queste ragioni gli interventi da noi proposti through a rimodulazione del tax credit sono i seguenti: Tax credit alla produzione di opere with priority cinematographic enjoyment at 40%; Tax credit on the production of the cinematographic film finalized ad altre modalità di fruizione rispetto alla sala, purchase that used by the event, at 30%.

4. Regulation dell’utilizzo dell’uscita event of 3 giorni e delle sesiddette «uscite tecniche». I will intervene with a regulation chiara nei confronti dell’utilizzo dell’evento che, thought to optimize the use of special audiovisivi prodotti (concerti, eventi storici, culturali e artistici), è estato purtroppo used in questi mesi come true e escamotage per aggirare le finstre e arrivare più quickly agli altri sfruttamenti.

Not worrying about the performance of a film in theater means sanctioning a disagreement between the production and the public that dovrebbe fruire dei film. The line will be irreversibly danneggiata in the long period also the production and risen. Also for this reason, they will be auspicabile in the middle period, a further responsibility from the piattaforme, the one that is oramai indispensabile for the Italian share, foreseeing a more impegno verse l’acquisto dei film that has become effective uscita in theater, supporting così subsequently the production and valorizzando allo stesso tempo la finestra cinematografica. The will to intervene on the subject, expressed by Minister Franceschini, and the convergence of the diversity of the political party, sia di maggioranza che di opposition, più volte manifestata, fanno sperare che si possa arrivare en tempi brevi alla definition di new misure che consentano alle imprese I plan the activity and the investment of the project. Senza «punti fermi», if there is a serious risk of non-essere in the conditions of the programmare, it calls for cinematography of the prossime settimane and that the crisis of the cinematographic activity is irreversible.

Speriamo di essere ancora in tempo per poter I will intervene and consent davvero alla di svolgere quel ruolo centrale que le spetta all’interno del comparto.

Paolo Del Brocco è Amministratore Delegato Rai Cinema
Giampaolo Letta è Amministratore Delegato Medusa Film

April 29, 2022, 21:02 – modifies April 29, 2022 | 21:50


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The “sala è centrale” ma i cinema sono vuoti

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