The Native American Piccola Piuma reads the lettera di rifiuto del Premio di Marlon Brando

Quasi 50 anni dopo che the native american Piccola Piumaactress and model, came out of the box to rifiutare l’Oscar assigned to Marlon Brando For the interpretation in the film Il Padrino reading a message, the Academy Awards have decided to disqualify the fish and the ricevute minacce. Marie Louise Cruz, oggi 75enne, was invited by the actor to talk about the rappresentazione dei nativi americani nei film di Hollywood. She with indosso a coat of skin of damage and mocassini and trecce with one hand she respinse the statuetta offered da Roger Moore and Liv Ulman entertaining the native american prima donna to talk from that box. She, in a speech of 60 seconds, referred that Brando did not accept the award because of the “treatment reserved for all Indians of America for the cinematographic industry”. The cronache of the time, as reported by the Ap news agency, reported that John Wayne, who was backstage at the time, was furious. Gli Oscar of 1973 if I had during my month of occupation of Wounded Knee by part of the American Indian Movement in South Dakota. Negli anni successivi Cruz/Piccola Piuma has raccontato di essere estata presa in giro, discriminata y attaccata personally for that gesture.

On September 17 sarà ospite di una serata di “conversazione, guarigione e celebrazione” . David Rubin, president of the Academy has defined Littlefeather’s speech “a powerful statement that continues to emphasize the need for respect and the importance of human dignity. The abuse that has happened suddenly because of this claim is unjustified and unjustified. The emotional care that has been seen and the cost for your carrier in our system are irreparable. Per troppo tempo il coraggio che hai mosttrato è estato ignoranto. For this reason, we porgiamo le our più profonde scuse e la nostra sincere ammirazione”. L’attrice, in a dichiarazione, has confirmed that she is “profoundly incoraggiante vedere how much has changed when I don’t agree with the Oscar 50 years. For how much riguarda le scuse noi indiani siamo persone molto pazienti, sono passati only 50 anni! Dobbiamo will keep our sense of humor in this moment. It is our method of sopravvivenza”. All’evento will be present by the producer Bird Runningwater, co-president dell’Indigenous Alliance dell’Academy.


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The Native American Piccola Piuma reads the lettera di rifiuto del Premio di Marlon Brando

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