Star Wars: Lucasfilm raises the story of the future of the saga through film and TV series

È with a lungo speciale published da Vanity Fair that Lucasfilm finally lifts the veil of segretezza that only avvolge i suoi piani per il future della saga al cinema y en tv. The occasion is that of the cousin Star Wars Celebration post-pandemic, which will end from May 27 to 29 in Anaheim, and the concomitant debut of its Disney+ di Obi-Wan Kenobione of the series più attese dell’anno.

In the lunghissimo speciale if you enter the detail of some projects, of the quality of time we speak in separate headquarters:

Sono insomma tante le serie tv in sviluppo, ma sul fronte cinematografico non si resta con le mani in mano. Dopo the production of the new trilogy and the due spin-off (rogue one and Only), I gave birth to a blockbuster all’anno, kathleen kennedy He has decided to pull the brake by hand on his film production (dopo aver fermato lo sviluppo del film su Obi-Wan Kenobipoi diventato serie tv), come si spiega nello speciale:

It begins with “the pause”, a critical period in the Star Wars film scene that Kennedy announced at the beginning of 2019, the first month that The Rise of Skywalker debuted. Lucasfilm aveva bisogno di riorganizzare devised him: “Abbiamo tutti riconosciuto, ognuno di noi, che si vando a new chapter per la company e che dovevamo labora tutti insieme per creare l’architettura di ciò che stavamo per construire”.

[…] Kathleen Kennedy has decided to abandon the annual Star Wars movie and rethink all the time. The most important lesson that avevano imparato was this: Star Wars aveva bisogno di un livello più amplio di devozione professionale da part dei cineasti coinvolti. “Everyone who arrived in the Universe of Star Wars must capire that there will be an impegno of at least three, four, five years,” she spies. “That’s what’s flying. Not if I can think of arriving, I will turn anything in a year and I will go on. Serve più cura”.

That pause has led to allo sviluppo di numerose tv series, favorite dall’inaugurazione del Volume (that renders less expensive and impegnative l’impiego di effetti visivi) and dal lancio di Disney+, is a slowdown on the cinematographic front. Ma la Kennedy promises that she will have a precise piano:

“We’re opening a road map”, says Kennedy, although the return of the film will hardly follow this incessant rhythm of the film. Probably the first film to be used will be that of Taika Waititi written with Krysty Wilson-Cairns, followed by Rogue Squadron, by Patty Jenkins. Is it true that Kevin Feige will produce a Star Wars film? “My piacerebbe vedere quel film un giorno,” says Kennedy. “Ma at the moment no, non c’è nulla di specifico”. And the sviluppata trilogy by Rian Johnson and announced five years ago? È passata in secondo piano. “Rian is incredibly infatuated with his Knives Out and the multi-film deal he has signed with Netflix.”

“I’m talking about the trilogy, ormai, because Star Wars has a persistent narrative.

Quindi insomma, i prossimi film di Star Wars that – more or less certainly – dovrebbero arrivare sullo schermo sono quello de Taika Waititi e Rogue Squadron. His tutto il rest, the situation is anchored a little ‘fumosa…

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Star Wars: Lucasfilm raises the story of the future of the saga through film and TV series

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