Sailor Moon: the new film “Sailor Moon Cosmos” will be released in 2023

Dopo il rilascio dei film Sailor Moon Eternal In 2021, many fans expected that the last narrative arc came to life in the new adaptation Sailor Moon Crystal. With this new announcement, revealed on the occasion of the celebration for the tenth anniversary of the start of the first animated series, the final one: the final part of the famous opera of Naoko Takeuchi verrà adattata in a film diviso in due partiuntitled Sailor Moon Cosmosche usciranno nell’state of 2023. The first trailer and the visual have confirmed and new members of the staff and the return of the cast già present in Sailor Moon Crystal.

Usagi Tsukino, quattordicenne pigra e piagnucolona, ​​riceve dalla gattina parlante Luna il potere di trasformarsi in Sailor Moon, paladina della giustizia dressed in the marinaretta that brings i suoi poteri dalla luna, e la missione di ritrovare le sue compagne guerriere, il mysterious “Cristallo d’argento” and the principessa del regno lunare alla quale la gattina appartiene. She was the last one to be reincarnated in a man of the 20th century right after the destruction of the kingdom ad opera of the evil Dark Kingdom, the stessa evil entity that undermined the Earth and brama il potere of the mysterious crystal. Pian piano, if it constitutes the group, with the progressive risveglio delle altre guerriere: the dolce and intelligent Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury, with the power to control her, the focused Shinto priestess Rei Hino/Sailor Mars, dai poteri psichici e capace di controllare the fiamme, the strong and protective Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter, padrona dei fulmini e degli alberi and the beautiful Minako Aino/Sailor Venus, the “dea dell’amore”. The Serie Sailor Moon Crystalmade for the 20th anniversary of the franchise, is faithfully based on the original manga of Naoko Takeuchiunlike the animated series of the year ’90.

Tomoya Takahashi (Dennou Coil, Gatchaman Crowds) è il regista di entrambe le parti del film sia per la Toei Animation che per lo studio deen. Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime) cures the sceneggiatura, while Kazuko Tadano (sailor moon stage one and two) returns anchor a turn as a character designer. Yasuharu Takanashi (Sailor Moon Crystal) produces le musiche per il film, insieme a yumiko kuga dello Studio Jack (Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness) eats artistic director.

Sailor Moon Cosmos Visual

Sailor Moon Cosmos It is the adaptation of the “battaglia finale” of the original manga series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon gave Naoko Takeuchiedits in Italy da Star Comicse che in passato was stata adattata come last narrative arc dell’anime di sailor Moon met in Italy with il titolo di “Petali di stelle per Sailor Moon“.

Le due parti del film riprendono da dove if the second part was concluded Sailor Moon Eternalencourages the start of 2021 in Giappone, and its Netflix il 3 jugno a livello globale. eternal non è altro che il continua di Sailor Moon Crystalanime series più fedele al manga originale, andata in on wave in Italy sulla Rai.

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Sailor Moon: the new film “Sailor Moon Cosmos” will be released in 2023

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