Russell Crowe: “Il dolore svuota bicchieri che la vita riempie. L’ho capito con la morte di mio padre”

Russell Crowe told the emotion he recorded for his second film, Poker Face, dedicated to his father, who died shortly before starting to rotate it. A 23 anni da Il Gladiatore, a nominee as ambassador of Rome in the world: “The way in which people treat me when I come to my friend, I am kind and generous. I feel a little bit like lo zio di tutti”.

Show at the cinema on November 24, distributed by Vertice 360, poker facethe new film of Russell Crowethat for this occasion is registered (for the second volta dopo The Water Diviner 2014), scenegiatore and leading actor. Nel cast: Liam Hemsworth, RZA, Elsa Pataky, Aden Young, Steve Bastoni, Daniel MacPherson, Brooke Satchwell, Molly Grace, Paul Tasson and Jack Thompson.

Set in the world of poker high stakestells the story of Milliardario e Giocatore d’Azzardo Jake Foley che, in a critical shift of his life, offers his migliori amici an indimenticabile serata, with the possibility of vincere più soldi di quanti possano immaginare, on a single condition: I will renounce the secret parrot. The metaphor of the game incrocia quella dell’esistenza, fatta di perdite e rilanci, meravigliosa eppure complicata dalla gestione dei own sentimenti when dal gioco ormai è impossible uscire.

A parlarne su è Russell Crowe, uncontrato a Roma in occasione della presentazione del film al Festival del cinema, nella sezione Alice nella Città. A city of cui is diventato ambasciatore e che, da when it has turned the gladiatorcontinues to manifest tutto il suo more and his recognition: “The way people treat me when I come here to Rome, my friend ogni volta. Le persone sono così gentle and generous and have also a great sense of humor, è bellissimo. I feel a little like the zio di tutti“.

Poker Face. Did I miss this title?

It is laughable that his ability is rich in poker that he will try to hide his own emotions but do not dare to have any information that I know and this if it fits perfectly to the story of the protagonist. It is very interesting that I try to tell an emotional story through a personage who decides not to transmit emotions.

In the film, c’è uno stretto legame of the protagonist Jake Foley with il mondo dell’arte. È una scelta dettata da una particulare intenzione?

I have tried to consider art as something in which the protagonist lives at a certain point in his life. He can raggiungere an objective, if in the work that in a qualsiasi other field, but start to try many più soddisfazione with i dipinti and living for beauty. I will give some più al cosa di più al personaggio rispetto all’ossessione per le carte da gioco e per la ricchezza. Perché la demanda è: si che tu abbia 10 dollari o 10 milioni di dollari, in che modo li usi per migliorare la tua vita? It is a sort of mathematical mind that has a deal if it learns from others, which renders it more vulnerable, but it comes from the attacks of others. I have been working on this film in a period of great pain because of the loss of my father and dedicating myself there to his making for 12 months is a way to render it now.

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“Il dolore svuota bicchieri che la vita è destinata a riempire”, is a phrase that he recites with great intensity. Has she experimented on her skin of hers?

I said my father. L’ho perso poco prima di sapere che avrei fatto esta filme e quella è una frasa che lui era solito repeatere ai suoi nipoti, cugini ea poche altre persone. Fa referimento al non lasciarsi influenzare da chi vede il bicchiere mezzo pieno o mezzo vuoto per compredenre, piuttosto, che il bicchiere può essere semper riempito nuovamente. I believe that the protagonist faced a sort of ‘viaggio finale’, trying to control what could happen after his stessa life. This gli generates a certain sense of soddisfazione because he arrives to feel that he has a scope, he will allontanare the sadness sfruttando il tempo that gli rimane to organize the future. Even if it could not be carried out in this future.

I am nominated ambassador of Rome in the world. How does this cartoon live?

Sono molto legato a Roma, se qualcuno mi segue sui social specie nell’ultimo anno mi avrà visto pubblicare delle bellissimo foto della città. “Il Gladiatore” is a film that Tuttora has vita propria, sono passed 23 years from when it is made and ogni will be that which posto in the world in which comes trasmesso, is incredible. That in reality says a lot about the value of Ridley Scott’s film, how much does it risk to be always ahead. The movements of machines or the use of CGI have not kept the parrot fresh. The moment always arrives in cui, making a film, I thought: “Ok, è di vecchia generazione”, but in this case all of this remains perfectly in stone.

Russell Crowe on vacation in Rome:

Russell Crowe on vacation in Rome: “Nel mio vecchio ufficio”

Dalla finzione alla realtà.

Yes, I think it’s fun, like I said to the Sindaco di Roma, that I was legate to the city thanks to a scenic finzione, that però has been such a person, I learn and loro occhi ei loro cuore, to live the greatness of the city of Rome. What if you can also see the graphics: i prime tourists and those who sponenzially increase after the participation of “Il Gladiatore”, an incredible phenomenon.

Cosa la colpisce così tanto della Città Eterna?

The way in which people treat me when I come to Rome where my friend ogni volta: the person is so gentle and generous and also has a great sense of humor, he is all beautiful. I feel a little like lo zio di tutti, a true privilege. Vedermi consegnare un titolo solo por fare cualcosa che sento così naturale mi porta a non capire bene il motivo di esta riconocimento, ma va bene così. I do not want to tell the people that I absolutely will come to Rome to live the city and for good fortune, I will continue to visit it.

Sono passati 23 anni da Il Gladiatore. What has maintained dell’attore di quel tempo e cosa has lasciato andare?

Bisogna will return indietro in time. It was a film with a budget of 103 million dollars, profoundly different from any other film that was very fatto prima di allora, the responsibility was very diverse. When I finish it, I go home and I remember that my mother my child eats my sentissi, all the time I have been 36 years old, and I made a comparison with the rugby championship, because I risked that my sentient eats a giocatore who has disputed a stagione of troppo.

Russell Crowe Il dolore svuota bicchieri che la vita riempie


I was very physically tested. This is one thing that people are not deto capisca, I saw the film in a paio d’ore ma dietro ci sono più di cento dei miei giorni di lavoro, with 12-14 ore di lavoro ogni giorno, in cui per molti ciak ti dovevi rotolare a terra cercando di schivare i colpi di spada o di ascia di qualche bestione.

What is the most significant change?

My entire career, my life, my work and my world changed forever, the responsibility of what I was doing was very big. Ma arrived tutto at the right time, I don’t feel like a safida that I can’t face, who was fine all the time.

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Russell Crowe: “Il dolore svuota bicchieri che la vita riempie. L’ho capito con la morte di mio padre”

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