Return to the Future, a theory sul primo film will change forever the way I saw the saga

In the cinema di fantascienza, ci sono alcuni imprescindibili titoli con cui confrontarsi: Back to the Future It is surely one of the questi, specie when if it speaks of traveling in the time. I film di Robert Zemeckis I have profoundly signed the general imagery, I’ll just think that I will see and travel in the time in Avengers: Endgame gli sceneggiatori hanno sfruttato proprio Back to the Future eat snack.

The story I gave Marty McFly I love the most generations and the entire trilogy has not been personally fascinating, but secondly a theory might not have been considered a fundamental detail to the extent that I will change the way we see the saga. Share your Reddit and ripresa di recente da ScreenRantillustrates the thoughts of a user around the change of character of the protagonist interpreted by Michael J Fox.

At the beginning of the first film, we found a giovane scapigliato e che deve anchor maturare parecchio. The ending, again, shows a very changed Marty McFly, più sicuro e confidante: naturally the motive is ascribed to the classic arc of transformation of the character, his journey carries it with a personal growth and via saying. E se invece non fosse tutto qui?

He maintains that the character of Marty McFly is not changed only by how much he has seen, my own thanks to the viaggio nel tempo stesso. Eat sappiamo, in Back to the Future viaggiare indietro in the tempo provokes change in the present: system Biff In 1955, infatti, has turned out to be a great life for George and Lorraine, ma potrebbe non essere stata l’only thing to change. Secondo the theory, helping i genitori in the past Marty has changed his stesso in the present: the coppia, galvanized from the loro amore e da quanto vissuto, sarebbe stata in Grado di allevare figli più sicuri, in a comprehensive manner and guaranteeing quindi loro a più forte character.

Il Marty we saw alla fine di Back to the Future, insomma, sarebbe il prodotto di a change del passato e not solo della sua avventura personale. A riprova alla teoria comes fornita dopo il second trip in 1955: when Biff changes the passato per diventare ricchissimo, ritroviamo Marty molto più spericolato, tanto da buttarsi dal tetto del palazzo di Biff per essere save da Doc Brown. The motive could be its own genitorial figure assenza adatte: in her new timeline, Lorraine is divorced from Biff’s wife, while father George is dead, lasting things and figuring it all out on Saturday.

Questa theory point to spiegare inoltre I missed Marty day così annoyance essere chiamato fifone: the acquisita sicurezza dopo aver cambiato la propria natura – dovuta all’educazione dei genitori – lo avrebbe spinto essere insofferente verse chi la mette in discussione. This, purtroppo, is also the characteristic problem that leads to the tragic incident that changes his future in 2015 and that of his figure.

The theory is quite interesting, but I will notice an alternative tool that is also letta in an other way: instead of being safe, Marty reagirebbe male when chiamato fifone perché crescere “all’ombra” di una famiglia così di successo I think I am a person who is insecure and gives me problems to manage the situation of sfida. With the successive indietro voyage in time in 1885, sarebbe però di new tutto: he agrees to duel with Cane Pazzo Tannen, ma capisce che ci sono sfide più importanti e quindi si premura mettendosi il “giubbotto antiproiettile” addosso. Il suo atteggiamento de el potrebbe forse avere avuto un impatto sull’antenato Seamus McFly e, a cascata, sulla sua discendenza.

What did you think? Marty McFly is the product of his own adventure and journey in the time that has changed his character? Fatecelo sapere nei commenti!

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Return to the Future, a theory sul primo film will change forever the way I saw the saga

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