Rambo, the truth sulla morte: the rivalry of Sylvester Stallone

Rambo: Last Blood is the last film in the saga involving the hero of Vietnam. The film is now open for a new scene, second to a new theory, the character, interpreted to the perfection of Sylvester Stallone, not yet a future.

I fan, infatti, hanno supposto che il personaggio, reduce dagli scontri dell’ultimo film, potrebbe in realtà essere dead. In this way, the saga, which currently tells five capitolpotrebbe define if concluded in a definitive way.

The saga of Rambo

Nella carriera di Sylvester Stallonesafely Rambo è il personaggio più iconico, insieme a Rocky Balboa, which has contradicted its carrier in the cinematographic field. I know that I have not seen the protagonist Stallone, even at a distance from my year, I am always in the heart of the fan, I always look like a sequel or spin-off.

Per quanto riguarda Rocky, infatti, sembra che believe sia stato un’ottima scelta. Rambo, invece, has not seen a future altrettanto piacevole. The saga, infatti, is stata prodotta with a relatively long distance, after one film and the other. counting che”Rambo: First Blood” It was used in 1982, the last time, “Rambo: Last Blood” è del 2019, if they have not made a total of 5 films in 27 years.

Nello specifico, after the revival of 2008, Rambo IVand the last chapter of the saga, I am trascorsi addirittura 11 years old. Far from returning to his heroic scene of the Vietnam War, notwithstanding the very positive welcome of the fourth film, Davvero has richiesto tantissimi anni.

Rambo Last Blood

Rambo: Last Blood – an ambiguous ending

Il finale dell’ultimo film lascia i fan ha due theory. The cousin è accettare alla lettera la scena finale. Infatti, with the end of the cartel in drug trafficking, the “nemic” turns to which if he adds to the story of the fifth film, if he sees Rambo seduto, stagnant and seriously ferito, under his portico.

In the following scene, in the finale, the character decides I will go out in groppa ad un cavallo, allontanandosi verso l’orizzonte. An iconic scene, if I could say perfect, to present the end of a saga of so much success and love.

Nei titoli di coda, infatti, sono state aggiunte scene proveni anche dai film precedenti. Questo lascia supporre che possa essersi series conclusion of the tutorial with quest’ultimo capitolo.

The fan theory

Dunque, considering the final scene and the one that is presented, together with the significant meaning of the title of the movie (Last Blood – Ultimo Sangue), and a fan has not forged a theory, very plausible and seriously interesting, I take it there.interpretation of the end.

If you think, infatti, che Rambo, in realtà, many under the portico. La scena dell’uomo che si allontana verso l’orizzonte sarebbe only in her image of him, as a figure of releaseusing da quella che was a life of vendetta and violence.

That theory, inoltre, comes fed also gives a dichiarazione, a little ambiguous, fatta da Stallone stesso. At the time dell’uscita della pellicola, infatti, he disse che aveva described the scene as l’aveva immaginata lui stesso. Il fuggire verso l’orizzonte sarebbe stata una rappresentazione del suo allontanarsi dalla vita, come poteva essere in the mind of the personaggio stesso.

Rambo Scene Finale

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Rambo, the truth sulla morte: the rivalry of Sylvester Stallone

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