Project Nemesis: a new series fra kaiju e noir, from the registry of John Wick

Say trame come quella di Project Nemesis, first romance of the letteraria saga by Jeremy Robinson, is ne sono vís poche. Just the story of a kaiju? Do not! Perché il her DNA of her background that of the greca della vendetta and that of a brutally assassinated girl, in close to her assassin. It will be directed by the recordist of John Wick.

Just pochi giorni fa Chad Stahelsky aveva anticipato i contorni del fourth and last chapter of John Wick, di cui è stato storico co-regista. Now, Deadline informs you that the action-thriller filmmaker is ready to conduct a new, interesting project for the piccolo show in which he will invest and rule by the director and executive producer. If you try to say Project Nemesisprimo capitolo della fortunatissima saga di romanzi di Jeremy Robinson note eats The Nemesis Saga, published as of 2012 for a total of six romanzi. If I try to tell a story fuck, that unisce il classico action movie concentrated sui kaiju with a revenge movie dai toni noir.

Also in a series di fumetti da American Gothic Press, Project Nemesis recounts a storia di kaiju dal taglio unico: il DNA di Nemesis, la dea greca della vendetta, is combined with quello di Maigo, a girl who was brutally assassinated. The result of the union is a furious and gigantic monster near the murderer of Maigo through the Stati Uniti Nordorientali, destroying all things along his path. The series will be produced by Sony TV and Original Film. Potete trovare di seguito una sinossi più approfondita, assieme allo spettro di personaggi che troveremo nell’adattamento.

jon hudson, investigatore capo of the Fusion Center-P of the Department of Internal Security, thinks that his labor is one scherzo. While other merger centers concentrate their lotta against terrorist activity, Hudson’s division has competed to manage paranormal mines in national security, but it is not verified. When the umpteenth sighting of the Sasquatch carried a transvestite research structure from the Nike missile site, abandoned in the Maine boschi, Hudson’s work was deadly serious. Hudson and the local clerk, Ashley Collins, if he unexpectedly found himself on the run from a spietata ex squadra di security delle forze speciali, ma la minaccia umana è di brief durata poiché qualcosa di molto più terribile distrugge la struttura and if he directs verse le città, lasciando only a single indizio dietro di sé, un nome scarabocchiato nel sangue: nemesis.

Hudson will inseguire the creature, try to scoprire i secret aziendali dietro la sua creazione and hung Diversi indizi portano to a ragazzina assassinata di nome Maigo. Ma mindre il conteggio dei corpi esplode, insieme alle dimensioni del monstro, diventa chiaro subito che nientemeno that a complete military response can rallentare i progressi di Nemesis. Coordinating with another branch of the American Army, Hudson close at the same time indicates his origins and the motivations of Nemesis and guides the counterattack that he expects. Fermerà il mostro prima que raggiunga Boston e il suo milione di residentsi. I presupposti sembrano ottimi, soprattutto dopo il lavoro egregio fatto da Stahelski with the trilogy ormai cult di John Wick.

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Project Nemesis: a new series fra kaiju e noir, from the registry of John Wick

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