Oppenheimer, in the official trailer Cillian Murphy is the father of the atomic bomb

Universal Pictuers has released the official trailer of oppenheimer, the new and atthesissimo film by Christopher Nolan. With a stellar cast, the small wheel around the figure of J. Robert Oppenheimer, considered ad oggi as the father of the atomic bomb.

Nonostante is not yet started, the new year does preannounce già ricco di titoli di grande impatto. Return to the sixth capitol screamto chiacchierato Barbie gave Greta Gerwig hey Dunes: Part II di Denis Villeneuve, he leaves cinematografiche assisteranno anche all’uscita di oppenheimer gave Christopher Nolan. About three years away from Tenetthe British recordist with a film of written words, directly and co-produced, incentrata his colui che, to livello unanimously, is considered one of the fathers of the atomic bomb, ovvero J.Robert Oppenheimer.

Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer in the official trailer of the film (screenshot trailer) – VelvetMag

Basato sulla biography American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer di Kai Bird e Martin J. Sherwin, the film will see no panni del noto físico, at the head of the Manhattan Project, cillian murphy. The British interpreter, noted Thomas Shelby in Peaky Blinders, if it was shown in abiti di scena in the official trailer recently released by Universal Pictures. Diamo dunque un primo sguardo alla pelicola, attesa per il next anno sul grande schermo.

oppenheimerthis is the trailer for the new film by Christopher Nolan born from the atomic bomb: plot, cast and trailer

Solo di recente era stato rilasciato a cousin teaser, through which Universal Pictures has announced the countdown for the eligible data. Nessun immagine particularare, né alcuna minima anticipazione, in merito al look dei personaggi coinvolti, almena fino ad hora. The official trailer has shown a compendium of scene tratte dall’attesissima film, in uscita nelle comes out cinematographic americane I will leave from the next 21 July 2023. With a stellar cast, led by Cillian Murphy, the film is a historical thriller and if it is based on the figure of the notorious American scientist, after the father of the atomic bomb, what should “risk destroying the world to save it“, as revealed by the sinossi ufficiale.

Cillian Murphy in a scene from the trailer by Oppenheimer (screenshot trailer) - VelvetMag
Cillian Murphy in a scene from the trailer by Oppenheimer (screenshot trailer) – VelvetMag

Other than the leading actor, the film also appears in its own cast Emily Blunt, nei panni della biologia e botanica Katherine Oppenheimer, moglie dello scienziato. Tra gli interpreti principali, spiccano anche Robert Downey Jr.in the Levi Strauss dress, Matt Damonnei panni del generale Leslie Gloves Jr. e Florence Pugh, nei panni della psychiatrist Jean Tatlock. To complete the cast: benny safdie, Michael Angarano, Josh Harnett and the Oscar Award rami malek and Kenneth Branagh. Infine, altri nomi che si aggiungono alla pelicola: Dane DeHaan, David Krumholtz, Dylan Arnold, Matthew Modine e Alden Ehrenreich. oppenheimer It was born as a production of Emma Thomas and Charles Roven of Atlas Entertainment and of the stesso Christopher Nolan and is about the titles that are expected to arrive in the next year. In attesa dell’uscita nelle sale, fissata for July 2023, diamo dunque uno sguardo al cousin official trailer in italiano, diffuso nelle scorse ore.

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Oppenheimer, in the official trailer Cillian Murphy is the father of the atomic bomb

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