Mike Hodges is dead: added to the famous record of the cult film Flash Gordon

Mike Hodges, world of cinema in mourning for the mismatch of the creator of the fantascientific cult

Si è spent all’età di 90 anni el celebre registra britannico, creatore e directore del film cult per eccellenza flash gordon. The author has also written another film that has become important in the cinematographic story of the gangster genre, untitled Sumpin cui Michael Caine veste i panni of the protagonist. The whole world of cinema is in mourning for the death of Hodges. The announcement of his scomparsa This was given unexpectedly by his dearest friend and strong affection Mike Kaplan, producer of the film Stesso del Regista I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead. The information is published directly by the The Hollywood Reporter. Immediately after the success of SumpMike Hodges did occupy himself with making an incredible film from Toni Fantascientifici and the final result was his own creation. flash gordonfilm passato ormai alla storia come uno dei piu’ grandi cult di fantascienza.

Mike Hodges, the loss of his film career: give BBC documentaries to the production of the film

The great British filmmaker was born in Bristol, on July 29, 1932, and began working during the beginning of his career with BBC documentary activities. Mike Hodgesimmediately all’esperienza sopracitata, if it was if cement nello sviluppo of the telefilm rumor from 1970, obtaining the full approval of another producer, Michael Klinger. In this way, the registrant received the proposal for the making of the film. Get Carter. In the current film, Caine revives the role of the hitman Jack Carter Che, returning to Newcastle for the brother’s funeral, came into contact with a turn of mafiosi who involved him in his death and began to dare parrot the caccia. Il risultato della realizzazione dell’opera fue un capolavoro vero e proprio in stile noir.

Il regista di Carter and the collaboration with Dino De Laurentiis: “Mi è piaciuta la tua faccia”

For the realization of flash gordon In 1980, as reported The Daily, with Sam J. Jones to rivestire il roolo dell’eroe dei fumetti, Mike Hodges accepted the proposal of Dino De Laurentiis for the substitution of Roegma in an interview rilasciata per il Guardianthe famous recordist timidly confessed: “Non avevo idea di cosa avrei fatto cuando sono subtrato. I believe this is part of the success of the film. He eats a soufflé. Siamo riusciti a mettere every gli ingredienti giusti, and in any way it is lievitato in a mysterious way.”

Hodges has inoltre said he wanted to see a turn to Dino De Laurentiis perché avesse scelto proprio lui for the realization of his work, stating that if sarebbe appears in some parole of the type: “Hey, Mike, my è piaciuto ‘Carter’, my è piaciuto ‘L’uomo terminale’, I’m a great recordist. Invece mi ha detto: ‘Hey, Mike, mi è piaciuta la tua faccia.’”

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Mike Hodges is dead: added to the famous record of the cult film Flash Gordon

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