Margot Robbie is not the Barbie of Nessuno: the star of Babylon returns to Hollywood

I started capire qualcosa di Margot Robbie when my accompaniment in visit her one of the set of Babylon, il suo prossimo film sulla vorticosa Hollywood della fin degli anni Venti. When the addetto alla sicurezza, non riconoscendola, ci ferma chiedendoci: «Dove you been walking?», Invece di rivendicare con un pizzico di giustificata presunzione own identity and pronounce the magic formula I’m Margot Robbie preferisce accettare kindly di allontanarsi dal set.

Una volta girato l’angolo ride. «Pensava fossi più famous? She is delusional? », sherza. In realtà faccio fatica a credere que succeda spesso di vedersi deny qualcosa. Not so much for her aspect of her – she is splendid, yes, this is stato già ripetuto all’infinito – how much for i racconti che ho felt her tenacity of her. Il suo primo lavoro important de ella, nella Australian soap opera neighbors, doveva essere a comparsata, ma fece un’impressione talmente buona che confermaro no per tre anni. Il suo ruolo di punta de ella in The Wolf of Wall Street Robbie l’has ottenuto in parte perché has turned the sfacciataggine di schiaffeggiare Leonardo DiCaprio during the audition. She has also written a letter to Quentin Tarantino saying that she hopes to work with lui un giorno e ella si è ritrovata sul set di It was a return to… Hollywood.

Tutti coloro che parlano di lei ne sottolineano la serietà professionale. “Is she asso of her in her maniac, that gives her a unique talent in her genere of hers, and that she can do well,” says Christina Hodson, a good friend and sceneggiatrice of the spin-off di suicide squad, birds of prey (2020). “Margot has a sensational learning capacity. Quando c’erano scene acrobatiche per birds of prey, gli stunt le mostravano cosa doveva fare, lei faceva una test e la segunda volta era già più brava di loro». Allison Janney, her co-star in Tonyahas told him that Katharine Hepburn rich, that insoddisfatta dei ruoli that proposed to him in a delicate moment of his carrier fece l’impossibile per girare Scandal to Philly e riconquistare il suo pubblico. Martin Scorsese says that she is rich due to legend, Carole Lombard and Joan Crawford: «Like Lombard, she is vivacious, extraordinarily beautiful and she has a great sense of humor, dell’autoironia. Like the Crawford, she is well prepared and she knows that she flies: when she enters the square she poi ne rimani catturato».

E quindi, chi meglio di Margot Robbie to play a rising Hollywood icon in BabylonParamount’s epic commedia drammatica with Brad Pitt and the sordid Diego Calva? The film, expected to be released on December 23, is set in the golden period of the cinematographic industry, when money was on the horizon, it was only a few years ago and the possibility of fame and success was infinite. Babylon aims to capture the decadence and depravity of the time, insieme alla folia and alla magic of cinema. “What if you see your schermo and the chaos that accompanies the making of a film and also the incredible beauty of this work,” says Robbie speaking of Babylon. «Turning it ho vissuto proprio queste sensazioni. This is fucking fun, unbelievable and simply assurd. This is decidedly the best experience in my life».

Certainly, c’è un film da promouovere, ma le credo. Nellie LaRoy di Babylon It is probably the più personaggio simile a se stessa che abbia mai interpretato. She is a Hollywood outsider, volcanic and endowed with indomitable energy. She obtained with a briciolo di fortuna il suo primo ruolo de ella, thanks to a straordinaria interpretation of her, she if apre la strada verso la celebrità. “Margot is in the degree of attire all her part of her jungle and spavalda of her, she doesn’t know what she looks like and continues to surprise you,” says Damien Chazelle, il registryist of Babylon. «Say alone, gli attori with this type of energy, it turns out to be a po’ grezzi. Margot per niente». In other parole, it is an instinctive tornado with great technique. Come Nellie, Robbie, who is 32 years old, has attracted the attention of Hollywood thanks to an amazing recitation in The Wolf of Wall Street He has built a carrier that describes the good thing that could be a modern movie star. Eltre che actress Margot Robbie is a producer, who happens to be a blockbuster alle dark commedie indipendenti, but she is not accustomed to stare under the rifle.

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Margot Robbie is not the Barbie of Nessuno: the star of Babylon returns to Hollywood

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