L’attrice di origini Apache discriminata e offesa agli Awards in 1973 per aver difeso i nativi americani, riceve dopo 50 anni le scuse

In 1973, in the box of the Academy Awards, he was heavily offended, angry, discriminated, and subdued to criticize the vetriolo for having imprisoned him to distinguish him from the native American. Oggi, now 75 years old, the American actress of Apache origin, is a morally riser who gives a sudden face. «I am voluti 50 anni ma ci sono riuscita» said Sacheen Littlefeather during a ceremony organized in her honor of her dagli Academy Awards.

Sullo stesso stage between oggi è stata applaudita e le è estato riconosciuto il coraggio per essersi battuta, walking countercurrent, fine ad essere cacciata dalla cerimonia, un tempo venne costretta in an angolo, raising the boycottage of Hollywood that at that moment ignored her, laughing at her parti e lavori sul set, solo perchè aveva osato I will protest against the mistreatment of native Americans by part of the American film industry because of the story of the actor Marlon Brando, the only one who appoggiasse.

Oggi la 75enne Littlefeather è stata onorata dalla stessa istituzione during an event entitled “An Evening with Sacheen Littlefeather”. During the event hosted by the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures of Los Angeles; she a donna she is sitting in the box with her applausi scroscianti and she has remembered her, she protests that she is visibly commossa.

Littlefeather, who is part Apache and Yaqui, was stalita sul box during the ceremony of 1973 per spiegare perché Marlon Brando was present. Also, the famous artist is still on the road to protest because he is unable to accept the reward and wealth given to so much injustice.

Prima della cerimonia, Brando has decided to boycott the award for protesting against the demonstrators for the indigenous rights in the city of Wounded Knee, after the massacre of the Native Americans in 1890. Brando also opposes the stereotyped mode in cui and native Americans who come to rappresentati nei americani film. Così he aveva chiamato Littlefeather, chiedendole di apparire per suo conto de ella e di fare da spokesman reading a message. Persino John Wayne, that at that moment if he was backstage, if he seemed infuriated to the point that some testimonials had not been confirmed that it was necessary to treat him with six security guards.

In a letter of scuse letta during the event on Saturday, the Academy said: «When in 1973 he left his Oscar box for non-acceptance of the Oscar for the story of Marlon Brando, in recognition of the misrepresentation and mistreatment of Native American as part of the film industry, there has been a powerful dichiarazione that continues to emphasize the need for respect and the importance of human dignity».

Lei ha risposto: «Accetto queste scuse non solo per me, ma come riconoscimento non solo per me, ma per tutta la nostra nazione (di nativi americani). La nostra nazione ha bisogno di feliz queste scuse».

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L’attrice di origini Apache discriminata e offesa agli Awards in 1973 per aver difeso i nativi americani, riceve dopo 50 anni le scuse

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