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When he says I will change the continuum per rimanere se stessi. I will stupify, magnify, terrorize with a magisterial cinema, always innovative, experimental but incontestually ben agganciato alle criticità of the present. Chi ne conosce sguardo e talento ha già capito che si esta parlando di Steven Soderberghil cui Kimi It was passed in the future competition of the 32nd Noir in Festival in corso a Milano (3-8 December). Opera prodotta da New Line per HBO vista por ora solo negli States e poco altrove, will arrive for the Italian public very soon on Sky and Now, and during the programmazione to the festival dedicated to cinema noir (with all its declines and extensions…) è state how much more benevolent and opportune, probably trying to give one of the poche occasions to see it on the big shelf. A vision adapted to this powerful cinema, capable of carrying the spectators into the narrow corners of a paranoid labyrinth ancor prima di esserne consapevole. Per così dire a disturbing “antipasto” to the surely più solar-crepuscolare Magic Mike – The Last Danceyet unpublished and expected in uscita in February 2023.

Kimi It is an invented brand of an artificial intelligence device similar to “our” Alexa or Siri. Angela Childs (a prodigious Zoe Kravitz) is a young programmer responsible for the multinational computer company Amygdala who works at home because she suffered from a severe form of agoraphobia, affected by the recent and long lockdown of Covid-19. While she “shocks” the client’s audio strings by pulling her casalinghi devices to the end of correcting mistakes and “educating” così linguistically and culturally the robot Kimi, she imbattes in a dialogue which she sows a violence of criminal stamp. Whether it is real or false, true or false, it is not the headquarters to reveal it, nor to decide it, of course, but it is the headquarters to celebrate the value of a film rotated effectively during the pandemic closure and some dittico with unhealthy (2018), I sell two young men as protagonists who in solitude if they find themselves fighting a system that overpowers and controls them, and so that they become mentally disturbed.

Il controllo sull’essere umano da parte di un’istituzione monster Of a political, social and/or economic nature, he is – infatti – one of the great fears of Soderbergh, who if he joins the riflessione sulla paranoia, sulle nevrosi and psicosi, which form of cognitive impairment, but, will arrive there truth. Il tutto semper declinato in formule narrative e generi cinematografici differenti, o tra loro mescolati. In this case, the dramaturgical impianto also formally riches what di Black Mirror (Di fatto Kimi potrebbe essere un episodio dell’aclamata britannica serie) ma se ne distanzia per portata cinematografica properly soderberghiana e per i continui twist che si avvicendano nel film. A radical test of the value of guardare (non poche citations dall’hitchcockiano The finestra sul cortile) In the pandemic-digital and dell’ascoltare, since their attention to detail, there is a lot of physicality and virtuality between the digital and the analogical, while the determination of the human rights prevails on the “machina” for rifles peculiar.

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Kimi, Steven Soderbergh’s latest film after Black Mirror and La finestra sul cortile – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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