Julia Reichert, dead la regista Oscar per American Factory: aveva 76 anni

Si è spent 76 anni la registra Julia Reichert: aveva won an Oscar award in 2020 for American Factory ed was malata da molto tempo

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New sad mourning in the world of cinema: little day after the mismatch of Irene Cara, news arrives now death of Julia Reichertrecorder Oscar award in 2020 per American Factory. His career is now the second of the great documentaries.

Kill the recordist Julia Reichert

Standing at quanto riportato dalle fonti estere, the veteran documentary filmmaker Julia Reichert è morta giovedì December 1, 2022 all’età di 76 anni.

The filmmaker was malata da tempo di tumor: if it was also sottoposta to chemotherapy prima della cerimonia degli Oscar that in 2020 has seen him assegnare the prestigious statuette, but how much the male has avuto the best.

Morta Julia ReichertPhoto source: ANSA

Julia Reichert joins nipote Jeff and compagno Steven Bognar during the Oscar Ceremony 2020

The announcement of his death is reported to The Hollywood Reporter da Steven Bognarcompagno e collaboratore della Reichert.

For which film has won the Oscar

After a rich documentary career with particular attention to all the working classes and all the conditions of women workers, Julia Reichert wins the Oscar for the Documentary Miglior thanks to American Factory, film that in Italy is state titled Made in the USA – A factory in Ohio.

Prodotto dalla Higher Ground Productions fondata da Barack and Michelle Obamathe film has contacted the acquisition of the ex-factory of the General Motors a Moirainein Ohio, part of the Fuyao Chinese business, until 2014.

La Reichert had received her own Oscar in the period in which she was under chemotherapy, causing commotion in the world of cinema. She was also a candidate for Union Maids in 1976, Seeing Network nell’83 e The Last Truck: Closing of a GM Plant in 2009.

Scomparsa anche l’attrice Irene Cara

The death of Irene Reichert followed a period of many lutti in the Hollywood environment. Only few days for her scomparsa 63 years Irene Carahistoric actress and singer with two Oscar awards.

Aveva raggiunto il successo mondiale grazie alle hit ‘fame‘e’Flashdance…What a Feeling‘, brani che have no permesso di ricevere due statuette per la Miglior Canzone.

Non sono rese rese al momento no le cause di morte dell’attrice. Il 21 novembre, inoltre, è great news of the tragic scomparsa at 49 years old Jason David Frankstar dei power Rangers.


Photo source: ANSA

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Julia Reichert, dead la regista Oscar per American Factory: aveva 76 anni

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