James Cameron his Matt Damon who gave up his cousin Avatar: “Forse avrà un cameo, mail 10% sugli incassi col cavolo”

Concerning Avatar from 2009, James Cameron comments on the Persian opportunity of Matt Damon who may be the protagonist with a clause that he will allow himself to be granted 10% of the impact of the film.

Forse non tutti sanno che il roolo del personaggio di Jake Sully in Avatar Venne initially offered to Matt Damon. the recorder James Cameron It was agreed that he was the ideal actor for the part of the disabled soldier who enters the body of the blue alien to infiltrate the Na’Vi of the planet Pandora. Pray for the sequel Avatar: The waterway It is when it comes out cinematographically and its author is turning the world for the promotion of the film, the question related to the casting that at the time of the first film Avrebbe involved the protagonist of the film turned to the question jason bourne saga.

James Cameron comments on Matt Damon’s resignation from cousin Avatar

Innanzitutto contestualizziamo.
We were in 2005 and the registrar is starting to plan the long labor that he Avatar richiedera. It is an impegno that will be absorbed by its collaborators for a long time, considering how ambitious this project is under the technical profile. Some months passed and the casting discussion began to have a significant difference. Also, gli attori dovranno guarantee availability for a long period, who is bene assicurare l’ingaggio almena con i protagonististi. lie Zoe Saldana He surpasses all the crowd and enthusiastically accepts the part that he will recite exclusively in the studio with the motion capture technique, but the wheel of Jake Sully will alternate between human and alien versions. James Cameron the A 20th Century Fox Yes, orient it, see the figure I said Matt Damon il quale, oltre ad aver ricoperto alcuni ruoli drammatici, da Will Hunting a Save Private Ryan to arrive at The talent of Mr. Ripleye essersi sentito a suo agio in commedie come Ocean’s Eleven and Brothers for the skinhe became a hero of the film d’azione with two films of Jason Bourne.

The actor represents an important step forward for the project, to a lifello such that to convince him to farne parte, registra e produttori gli offrono an imperdibilità economic opportunity: 10% of the incassi of the film. The deal but does not go in port perché Matt Damon If you feel morally legate to the saga of your secret agent of whom you are preparing the third film, your renderings are available for Avatar means cause a ritardo allo sviluppo di The Bourne Ultimatum say one or two anni. And so he renounces and, after a process of selection, cameron sceglie il semi-conosciuto Sam Worthington. “Non troverete mai nessun altro actor che possa renunciare a così tanti soldi come ho fatto io” will say in 2021 Matt Damon ironizing his scelta fatta in past, perché obviously non poteva sapere che Avatar sarebbe diventato il più incasso mondiale di semper e che avrebbe portato soltanto nelle sue tasche ad oggi circa 290 million dollars.

In a few days interview with the BBC, James Cameron He has ironically commented on the scelta fatta a suo tempo dall’attore.

“Sembra che lui continued to hammer for this thing… insomma Matt, sei una delle più grandi star del cinema del mundo, metti l’anima in pace! Doveva make another film su Bourne e non c’era molto da discussere, quindi con dispiacere dovette renounce.”

Journalist Ali Plumb:
“Incrocio le dita affinché Matt Damon possa avere a cameo in one of the next film.”

“We will do it, dobbiamo farlo, affinché the world possa nuevamente essere in equilibrium. But it will not catch a certain 10% percent of the incassi. Col cavolo.”

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James Cameron his Matt Damon who gave up his cousin Avatar: “Forse avrà un cameo, mail 10% sugli incassi col cavolo”

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