Il nuovo film della sinistra: “Enri ti presento Elly”

Alessandro Usai

This is a new film based on the Democratic Party. If it calls “Enri ti presento Elly” and turns on point dalla commedia capolavoro with Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. The title was “Harry, I present to you Sally”. I was empathetic and always prompt at battuta, I read precise and serious. In her version of the Pd if she turns inverted: Elly Schlein is the brilliant, graphic and identitary woman while Enrico Letta wears the panni of the educated and composed person. The scene begins with a journey, not in car come in the film, but with an electric bus that alternates fortune gives away. Elly vuole il posto di Enri ed è ready to sciogliere the reserve to the Monk of Rome and will announce his candidacy to the secretariat of the Pd. A particular journey from her to hers: she is the vice president of the Emilia Romagna Region, she is not registered with the party, but this power is also her virtue, and is in Parliament as independent. Certainly, always under the protective shade of the party that she now flies over. «Abbiamo bisogno di vederci-she has announced it, in a video postato sui social-con le tante persone con cui ci siamo escritti e sentiti in this settimane inside il Pd e il suo processo constituente, come fuori». Tanti auguri.

Nata a Lugano in Svizzera is an under 40 habituata alla lotta. Its territory eats nei talk televisivi. Ella si batte contro le diseguaglianze ed è la paladina dei diritti. Aptly bisessuale, she has recently accused the sinistra of not being able to anticipate the great transformations that are not sparing society. Ma lei ci riuscirà. She reppresents all that she conceives precisely of the sinistra that triggered so much on the basis: from the climatic emergency all the accoglienza to 360 degrees on the subject of immigration. In the Democratic Party film così come nella realtà she must but fare and continue with an army of candidates. Cousin fra tutti il ​​his president in Emilia Romagna, Stefano Bonaccini, who is the favorite part of the race to the Nazarene. He will avoid a derby che la vedrebbe sconfitta quindi she confida di trovare alleati lungo il camino. She will probably find you but just keeping to the left. Troppo a sinistra forse per poter avere reali chances di successo. It is difficult for her to convince and find out what Firenze Dario Nardella is probing the ground for. Oppure quello di Pesaro Matteo Ricci di Pesaro que ha incassato gli apprezzamenti di Goffredo Bettini e Andrea Orlando. Insomma stanno tutti doing the partita parrot.

Ma lei è quella più mediatica, l’importante è che se ne parli come anti Meloni. She serves as a lady to the left to overcome the weight of a premier female that only the center is willing to carry Palazzo Chigi. It seems unlikely that a truly credible woman like Paola De Micheli could sponsor her and take an indietro step. Ma Elly don’t take long. She loves the people she loves. Mancano solo i voti ma è un detail. It is best to save the film and see it as it will finish. The scene of Harry I present Sally in 1990 was nominated for an Oscar. Lo vinse «L’attimo fuggente» with Robin Williams. Quello dove gli studenti salivano sul banco shouting «Oh Capitano, mio ​​Capitano». Ma don’t tell Elly.

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Il nuovo film della sinistra: “Enri ti presento Elly”

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