Il corsetto dell’imperatrice, Sissi si ribella agli anta – Cinema

Three popular films of the ’50 years with Romy Schneider, replicated on TV very widely, a 2009 film with Cristiana Capotondi, a series on Netflix with great success in autumn and an author’s film awarded at the Cannes Film Festival and not only: the Fascinated by Elisabetta d’Austria, the princess Sissi of Bavaria diventata imperatrice spousando Franz Joseph è incredibilimente far from the north wind. While Netflix launches the second stage of the Imperatrice a grande richest on December 7, it arrives in theaters, distributed by Bim, IL CORSETTO DELL’IMPERATRICE (Corsage) directed by Marie Kreutzer, for the beautiful surprise of Cannes 2022. E’rivale di Nostalgia di Mario Martone in the international Oscar nomination is the Austrian candidate. The protagonist Vicky Krieps, who is also not an executive producer, has won the award for her interpretation at Cannes for Un Certain Regard, while at the London Film Festival she has been awarded as the best film and is a candidate for three European Oscars, at EFA on 10 December to Reykjavík.
With a regal and outstanding interpretation, Il Corsetto dell’Imperatrice aggiunge nuove shows off the restless figure of Elisabetta, concentrating on her unexplored period, obviously seperated with her cinematographic license. The action lasted for a year of life, between 1877 and 1878 when the Imperator Elisabetta, always indifferent to the court of Vienna, per niente convinta di essere relegated to a court of pure rappresentation, in crisis coniugale, close to Free even materially from the conformity of his style of life incentrato sull’immagine, oggi diremmo da pop star or influencer, adorata dal popolo, always perfect and in shape. Elisabetta is now 40 years old, un’età critica por una donna dell’Ottocento, she feels that she is not attractive at a time and a lot for indipendenza and autonomy, she does direct now for self-determination. E ‘il Natale del 1877, when Elisabeth, noted for her great beauty, reaching 40 years old, she was officially considered an old lady and began to reveal herself by indossing her visage with a vane. In crisis with the imperatore husband, Elisabeth invites the vedere vecchi amanti to travel to Europe, desperately trying to feel the anchorage that she gave a time and find a new post.
“Pensavo che potesse essere una bella storia sulle donne di quell’epoca, ma ancora oggi, cresciute, ‘addestrate’ a compiacere per essere amate”, has said the registry Marie Kreutzer agrees that the message of Sissi sull’oppressione femminile risuoni ancora oggi . The interpretation of Vicky Krieps is seductive: a lady out of time caught up in her public role, from her stessa image of her, which she wishes to release. This superb actress was born in Lussemburgo, seen on the Filo Nascosto e Stringimi Forte, in 2023 in the theater with the new international film of hers Tre Moschettieri (played by Regina Anna), is a scelt to guide the story of fantasies Went Up The Hill with The actor of Stranger Things Dacre Montgomery, currently in pre-production.