I cinematographic producers control the VPN: “We support piracy and we don’t want to stop it”

Other twenty cinematographic producers have reported Private Internet Access (PIA) and Express VPN International in the first chapter of the battaglia controlling the VPN (or Virtual Private Network), solutions for circumventing the restrictions impiegate for limiting the diffusion of content.

The VPN is typically used to mask your own connection and allow, for example, to navigate your site that is blocked in an alternative country to access the online platform, such as streaming services, available elsewhere.

In particular, he has contacted wiredl’accusa è che atraverso le VPN le persone violino il diritto d’autore di film e serie TV e che i manager delle VPN not only non facciano niente to prevent it, ma, anzi, facciano leva su tali possibilità per promouovere i loro servizi .

I accused him

If you would like to be summoned in court by 26 non-racing cinematographic producers and in case of copyright infringement or other illegal activities while the connection was protected by a VPN, you need information that could be passed all the forze dell’ordine : perché le aziende non hanno quelle informazioni.

In another parole,
The accusation is that the VPN encouraged online piracy The cinematographic producers have not denounced PIA and Express VPN, claiming that if they do not prevent it from doing so, they will do so.

The European Union, gli Stati Uniti e altri 32 Stati have signed the Dichiarazione per il futuro di Internet

Vai all approfondimento

In the document, if you read the case, you have accused the VPN of being “one essential instrument for the person who wishes to pirate and content through P2P” emphasizing the anonymization of the network traffic.

Anzi, secondo l’accusa chi uses le VPN indugia in altre attività illecite come “Illegal hacking and murder“perché la loro identità comes protetta e aziende”We use this tragic incident as an opportunity to promote and pay VPN services“, demonstrating that anonymity is guaranteed.

I do not document if I also refer to all the political ideas of someone who is part of the VPN manager. One of the questions is Rick Falkvinge, the person responsible for the privacy of PIA and the founder of the Swiss Pirate Party, who, for the rest of the sewing, proposes to reverse the copyright regulations and allow the free circulation of non-commercial audio-visual content.

It adds if I am different asserendo that he accused him of being riguardanti i almost killed or attacchi informatici non siano rilevanti rispetto the case of the violation of the author’s right and that he came to use only for mettere in cattiva lights and managers of the VPN and influence the giuria.

I almost precedent: going to BitTorrent and registering IP indirizzi

In the past to the managers of the VPN, they have signed up for all the richies of the cinematographic producers: TorGuard has bandito BitTorrent and the stesso has fatto VPN.ht, which in aggiunta has started to raccogliere also le informazioni sugli indirizzi IP dei suoi utenti. Un’altra azienda che non raccoglie dati sui suoi utenti, LiquidVPN, has done I’ll pay14 million dollars ad alcune case of production for violation of copyright.

A representative of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group that raises awareness of civil liberty on the Internet, has defined “estreme e non supportate dalla legge“Le accuse rivolte dai produttori cinematografici.

In a note invited to Wired, Mitch Stoltz, a senior advocate at EFF, has added that the VPN manager has started to monitor the activity of the parrot in this cause, “Verrebbe minato l’entio senso del servizio di VPN, que è quello de proteggere le comunicazioni delle persone su Internet dall’essere original“.

Stoltz has yet to note that the use of marketing expressions that avoid the possibility of piracy and content through the VPN is an easy feat in a legal battle. When you don’t come pubblicizzato, infatti, le aziende “non possono essere ritenute responsabili also when qualche utente violates” delle leggi.

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I cinematographic producers control the VPN: “We support piracy and we don’t want to stop it”

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