“How I Met Your Father”: this was the surprising cameo in the last episode of the spin-off

Hilary Duff stars in this comedy that is born from the story we met in “How I Met Your Mother.” (Star Plus)

Eight years after How I Met Your Mother stopped broadcasting on the small screen, a spinoff which reviews a similar story from a female perspective and in a more modern context under the title of How I Met Your Father. The actress Hilary Duff brings to life Sophie Tompkins, a young woman about to enter adulthood who explores love in the age of dating apps. Meanwhile, in the year 2050, the older version of the protagonist (Kim Cattrall) recounts this experience to his son.

Some days ago, Star+ premiered the season finale and an unexpected appearance blew up social networks. The series debuted on March 9 on the digital platform and before the end of this first installment, it was confirmed that a continuation is on the way. In other words, in the same style as Ted Mosby, there is still much more to know about Sophie’s story and the first great love of her life.

“How I Met Your Father” will have a second season. (Star Plus)

Who was the cameo in the last episode?

After a long time, cobie smulders returned to his role as Robin Shcherbatsky in the final chapter from the first season. When Sophie (Duff) goes to a new place to forget about her problems and have a drink of her own, she happens to arrive at MacLaren’s, the bar we met in the original story. As expected, this script decision was more than intentional to connect the two productions through a scene of both sharing a pleasant chat about love and a whiskey.

“Don’t waste time being afraid. Fear can cause you to run away from things that could be good, even…great! Even things that are supposed to be part of your story. I’ve been married, single and everything in between, and the only decisions I regret making are the ones I made out of fear, ”the remembered Canadian reporter is heard saying from her vast experience with romantic relationships.

Cobie Smulders reprized her role as Robin Scherbatsky in the fiction derived from "How I Met Your Mother". (Star Plus)
Cobie Smulders reprized her role as Robin Scherbatsky in the “How I Met Your Mother” spin-off. (Star Plus)

Notably, this scene confirmed that How I Met Your Father takes place eight years before Ted and Robin get back together, as it has been six years since she divorced Barney. As you remember, the spin-off series takes place in 2022 and there would still be some time left for some of the original characters to resolve their lives as they always wanted. Why was only Smulders brought back and not the other actors who made up the original cast?

“Robin is between romances right now, she doesn’t seem sad, she doesn’t seem depressed,” director Pamela Fryman and co-creator Elizabeth Berger commented in conversation with TVLine. “More than anything, I think when she walks into that bar, there are ghosts from her past. She’s sitting at the bar, and she checks out that booth…and she’s talking about how someone said she loved her on their first date.”

Both series are connected, although they happen in different time lines. (Star Plus)
Both series are connected, although they happen in different timelines. (Star Plus)

And they add: “It’s all that. We all walk into places we’ve been at different times in our lives and say, ‘What if I go down this road? What if I went that way? Should I call that person?’ That’s life, and that’s what’s so special about it to me. We get to see Sophie on this new journey and we get to see someone we’ve known and loved for so long reflecting on hers, and she’s not done yet.”.

All episodes of How I Met Your Fatherthe spinoff from the hit comedy How I Met Your Mothercan be seen in Star+.


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“How I Met Your Father”: this was the surprising cameo in the last episode of the spin-off

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