Guardiani della Galassia Vol. 3: i nuovi scatti finally confirm the identity of the villain? [FOTO]

Cresce l’attesa per Guardiani della Galassia Vol. 3the new film directly gives James Gunnand some photo of set of the third chapter of the sowed franchise aver appena confermato l’identità del villain interpreted da Chukwudi Iwuji.

Gli scatti in questione, condivisi da Atlanta Filming, showed creative graffiti on the set and the Cosmic Circus site has shown an enlargement that showed the presence of theHigh Evolutionaryil quale dovrebbe dovunque essere il cattivo del film.


The story of the film is inspired by agli eventi connessi alla sua storia sulla Control-Terra narrata nei fumetti, in un’ambientazione simile alla Terra. Eat alcuni hanno sottolineato, gli animali umanoidi catturati nella serie di foto dal set di JustJared During the late seventeenth week, he found himself a similar plane to the land and his indiscretions that arrived directly from the Riguardano riprese also a linguaggio alieno sconosciuto. Nei fumetti Marvel l’Alto Evoluzionario adotta also adam warlock donatinggli the Gemma dell’Animain a story that involved Fantastic Quattro and hat.

L’Alto Evoluzionario (High Evolutionary), il cui vero nome è Herbert Edgar Wyndham, is a character of Marvel Comics fumetti created by Stan Lee (testimony) and Jack Kirby (design). The sua prima apparizione of him is coming in The Mighty Thor (Vol. 1) no. 134 (November 1966).

Herbert Edgar Wyndham was born in Manchester in England. While he was a student at the University of Oxford in his early thirties, he was interested in the work of biologist Nathaniel Essex (l’alter ego di Sinistro), and began experimenting with genetic manipulation, building a machine (che chiamò l’acceleratore genetico ) with which he tried to “evolvere” i topi that he aveva trovato nello scantinato di sua madre.

While participating in a genetics conference in Geneva, Wyndham was warned by a mysterious man (in reality, the human geneticist Phaeder who was a stato bandito dalla sua comunità) who provided information containing information to modify the human genome. With this information useful to his experiments, Wyndham successfully provided a serum that he chiamò “Isotope A”.

L’Alto Evoluzionario is considerate as The geneticist più important all’interno dell’Universo Marvel; only Noah Black, Arnm Zola and Wladyslav Shinksky could not compete with lui. Based on experiments on his own genetic code, his highly evolved brain and a cybernetic schema, the High Evolutionary has shown that he possesses poteri quasi divine: the ability to evolve on his own accord varies in his life, manipulation and creation of matter and of energy, cosmic awareness, telepathy and telekinesis, extra-dimensional travel, alteration of one’s own stature. Il suo escheletro del gli procures un’incredibile force e protezione dagli attacchi e also functions as vital support (filters and recycles the air and provides support when used). He died seriously, the weaponry could protect him without problems, restoring his genetic code.

Il terzo e presumably last chapter of the banda guidata dal Peter Quill interpreted da Chris Pratt arriverà nelle goes out to May 2023ma James Gunn has given that festeggiare sul fronte dei record of the film, come vi raccontavamo qui.

Nel cast di Guardiani della Galassia Vol. 3 ritroveremo, oltre a Pratt e al già citato Chukwudi Iwuji, also Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Zoe Saldana, Karen Gillian Pom Klementieff, Sylvester Stallone and Sean Gunn.

Photo: Marvel Studios

Source: comic book

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Guardiani della Galassia Vol. 3: i nuovi scatti finally confirm the identity of the villain? [FOTO]

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