Green Book: the true story of the friendship that inspired the winning film of the 2019 Oscar Award –

The friendship and rapport born between an African American and a white man against the background of segregationist America

Green Book It is a film of 2018 that will be in wave that will be alle 21.10 its Rai Movie. The film, directed by Peter Farrelly, was awarded three Oscar awards in 2019, including that of my greatest film of the year. The story behind it is that of a friendship established between an African-American pianist Don Shirley and his white autistic son, Tony Lip, interpreted respectfully by Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortesen. To write the sceneggiatura oltre al regista also il figlio dello stesso Tony, Nick Vallelonga che si è servito di intervente ai due e lettere scritte alla moglie di Lip. The friendship was born on the occasion of Don Shirley’s tour in 1962, which was accompanied by Lip with a variety of taps; The rapport was not idyllic all’initio ma ben presto entrambe changeo opinione l’uno sull’altro. Scopriamo la loro storia vera che ha inspired green book, the name derives from a guide, widely diffused in that period, that raccoglieva tutti i posti dove gli afroamericanani potevano soggiornare o mangiare, essendo in the segregationist period.

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Green Book: chi erano Don Shirley e Tony Lip, e come è nata la loro amicizia

Green Book tells the story of Don Shirley, a classical and jazz pianist, born in 1927. Già all’età di 2 anni he stopped to suonare il piano, while the organ one year later. He was honored in 1953 in music at the Catholic University in Washington. In that year he was close to pursuing the musical carrier, but he was reluctant to give little support if he enrolled again at the university studying psychology. No si arrese del tutto e arrivò a pubblicare il suo primo album Tonal Expressionswhich ranked 14th on the Billboard ranks in 1955. In 1962, he decided to start a negligent tour of the South to change the perception of Afro-Americans and the one who took him away if he met Tony Lip. Quest’ultimo, born in Pennsylvania da genitori italiani, and if I transferred to the Bronx when lui was ancora molto piccolo. First of becoming an actor, Lip has turned to military service in Germany until 1953, in 1961 he has only started working in a nightclub in Copacabana.

This is the period in which he found Don who assumed him as autistic to accompany him on his tour negli stati del Sud. The rappresentazione di questo rapporto però è stata oggetto di controversybeing as much as said by the family of Don. Secondo parrot quest’ultimo infatti vedeva Tony più eat a impiegato a tutti gli effetti che a amico, even if he was registered by him Don says the opposite. During the parenthesis of the tour, the pianist has collaborated with the Chicago Symphony and the National Symphony Orchestra, and has written the symphony for the New York Philharmonic and the Philadelphia Orchestra. He died on April 6, 2013. Tony Lip Invece has intrapreso la carriera di attore ed è estato noto por la sua performance nella serie I Soprano. also lui if it was spent in 2013, il 4 gennaio. I will not lose Green Book It will be there at 9:10 p.m. on Rai 4.

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Green Book: the true story of the friendship that inspired the winning film of the 2019 Oscar Award –

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