Ghost in the Shell: tutto quello che c’è da sapere sul film


The Hollywood industry is on its own occasion and appropriate to the directors of famous manga and it is possible to make live action versions of it or less adapted to the Statunitense context. Tra gli esempi più noti vi sono Drangoball Evolution, Alita – Angelo della Battaglia either DeathNote. Un’altro titolo da aggiungere all’elenco è Ghost in the Shell (who reviewed it), direct in 2017 da Rupert Sanders (già regist di Biancaneve and the cacciatore) e bastato sull’onimomo manga del 1989 di Masamune Shirow. As a fan of this generation of good Sapranno opera, if it is one of the most popular and important manga in the Japanese culture and not only, I have become a true global phenomenon at the time.

Ghost in the Shell è oggi un vero e proprio franchise, made up of anime, film, manga spin-off, videogiochi e romanzi. Some of these operate if they are included in this continuation of the original series, while others are set in real alternative with slightly different characters, the story and the setting. Diverse sono dun que operate deal with the original manga and the film of 2017 is just the last of that. If it tries, as usual, I give a film that follows, but in a very good way it releases the theme of the original base opera, proposing an adaptation considered to be highly salable on the international market.

The mode in which it is treated is a complete vice as that raccontata in Shirow’s manga, however, it is not particularly appreciated. Ghost in the Shell If it’s something affermato eats a gross flop, by presenting visual elements of particular fascination. Prima di intraprendere a visione of the film, but, it will certainly be useful to approfondire some of the main curiosità relative to this. Prosegundo qui nella letura sarà infatti possibile ritrovar ulteriori dettagli relativi alla plotto the cast di attori and there differenze with the manga and the anime. Infine, if they elencheranno also le principali piattaforme streaming Contains the film in its own catalogue.

Ghost in the Shell: the plot and cast of the film

In a future in which technology has completely pervaded the life of the person, turn on the story of the Maggiore Look Killian, messa a capo della task force speciale Section 9 e scelta per tal ruolo per via del suo essere divenuta mezza umana e mezza cyborg a seguito di un’operazione che l’ha salvata da morte certa. A Mira comes now assegnato an important competition: fronteggiare e distruggere Kuze, criminal mind to the degree of insinuating itself all’interno of any cybernetic mind, assuming full control. During this difficult mission, Mira will find herself not alone with Kuze, but also with some painful truth about her past.

Protagonist of the film nei panni di Mira è l’attrice Scarlett johansson. The scelta dell’interprete statunitense has scatenato non poche polemiche, from the moment that the character of the manga is of Asian origin. I accuse him but he was spent in the turn of the brief with the approvazione della scelta della Johansson da part dell’autore del manga e del film d’animazione da esso tratto. From her song, to prepare for her role, the actress has black ink and capelli and has undergone an intensive filling that has allowed her to take part in all the scene più complesse, like quelle di lotta.

Accanto a lei si ritrovano poi gli attori Michael Pitt nei panni del criminale Kuze e Pilou Asbæk in quelli di Batou. L’attrice Juliette Binoche interprets the dottoressa Ouelet, while completing the cast gli attori ChinHan nei panni di Togusa, Lasarus Ratuere in quelli di Carlos Ishikawa and peter ferdinand Eat Cutter. Of particular importance is the presence of the regista and attore giapponese Takeshi Kitanocelebrate per aver direct film come Sonatine either Hana-bi. In the film Kitano plays Daisuke Aramaki, il fondatore della Section 9. Per lui si è trattato del primo ruolo in a film turned in lingua inglese dai tempi di Johnny Mnemonicfrom 1995.


Ghost in the Shell: the manga and the difference with the anime

eat early, Ghost in the Shell It is one of the most popular manga ever, dove all’interno di un contesto cyberpunk vengono treat thematice complesse como la demarcazione tra uomo, macchine e rete, per l’autore semper più sfumata. In the course of the manga, infatti, the author riflette his theoretical conception of dualism and the border between the mind and the body, over the Ghost and what shell. In this way, the question of what happens is faced when an artificial intelligence has evolved so much to learn the knowledge of its own existence and to claim the right to life and all the self-determination of a human being.

From the manga it was made in 1995, an anime with the same title, directly from the famous Mamoru Oshii. Regardless of this, a lot of the manga’s quota, the 2017 film operates a modified series, starting from the name of the protagonist, not più Motoko Kusanagi ma Mira Killian. In this way, the American film proposes a different version of how much happened in the past of the protagonist. Come per lei, also gli altri personaggi hanno subito modifiche in quanto ad estetica or di tipo caratteriale. An additional significant difference is the fact that the live action film is different from the canon of the action thriller that is not in that psychological thriller, to which the anime once appears. Di conseguenza, the raccontata storia apparently very diverse.

Ghost in the Shell: the trailer and dove vedere the film in streaming and on TV

È possibile fruire di Ghost in the Shell thanks alla sua presenza su alcune delle più popolari piattaforme streaming presenti oggi in rete. This is infatti available in the catalog of Rakuten TV, Chili Cinema, Google Play, Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and Tim Vision. To see it, once again by the platform of the reference, you will not be able to read the single film or underwrite a general payment. If there is a way to save it in total comfort and to the best of the video quality. The film is inoltre present in the television palinsest of giovedi 27 october there pray 21:20 sul canale Italy 1.

Source: IMDb, cbr

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Ghost in the Shell: tutto quello che c’è da sapere sul film

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