Fast & Furious 10: give the monstrous budget to Justin Lin who has spoiled the royal family to protect his mental health

While I arrived online the news that the Universal aveva trovato il substitute di justin lin alla regal di Fast & Furious 10, louis leterrier, The Hollywood Reporter published an interesting report on its retroscene that avrebbero porto al divorzio fra il regista di ben five films della saga di Toretto and co e lo studio.

Indeed, as indicated by the autorevole testata, it is, given a part, capital più or less spesso di vedere delle major che sento dei filmmaker per i motivi più disparati, and for this purpose I come to quote and almost decidedly pertinent to Solo: to Star Wars Story and Bohemian Rhapsodywith Fast & Furious 10 It is the status of the registry, justin linto decide that ne aveva abbastanza.

A decision, that of the filmmaker, who is motivated by a series of fattori who have done so much with the good note “intemperance” gave Vin Dieselhow much with the pressione esercitata dalla Universal, per cui la saga di Fast&Furious presents a business that, fine ad time, has generated more than 6.5 million dollars to the botteghino in vent’anni (Source: The Numbers).

In the report of the Hollywood Reporter we have read:

Justin Lin was also working on the writing of the film and was thinking of finding a finalized scene. La Universal e Vin Diesel has a different opinion on the matter. A very important location of the film was stata rimossa poiché situated in the East of Europe, a position not greatly favored because of the war in Ukraine. In aggiunta, doveva ancora to come ingaggiato one of the villain della pellicola. E per di più, also se Lin aveva cercato di mettere dei paletti, la Universal will send Londra one writer per perfezionare i dialoghi per qualche attore, una mossa attesa, ma non gradita dal regista.

The Hollywood Reporter continues:

The objective in continuous movement is that it was rivelato essere troppo also by an expert recordist as Lin che, on April 23, now also has a discussion with Vin Diesel found in great disagreement with the star. This meeting with four people, started with Diesel, who presented the new indications for the film and finished sarebbe with a sbattuta porta. Standing at a source, Justin Lin knew he was saying that “This film is not worth my salute mentale”. Sia Lin che Diesel non hanno voluto commentare la faccenda. A spokesman for the Universal Ci ha detto “Ogni creative divergence that has carried all’abbandono di Justin Lin was with the studio, not with other producers, the cast or the troupe”.

The troupe that is spinning the movie, made up of a large part of the staff that has worked on the Fast & Furious 9 rip-off with Justin Lin, has left this last part of the latter to restore his Fast & Furious 10 to work.

Tutta questa vicenda, ragiona l’Hollywood Reporter, getta also shows off its quanta pressione ci sia, in seno alla Universal, around this tenth chapter of the franchise. A film that arrives with 726 million dollars incassati, after the year and in the midst of a pandemic, from the ninth episode. A high respect figure, well below the performance of the seventh (1.5 million dollars) and the eighth (1.23 million dollars) and, in general terms, the raccolto più “wretched” from the release of Fast & Furious 5. The major chooses a prova commerciale più sostanziosa, but Fast & Furious 10, respecting that of the predecessor, also perché starebbe investing a davvero colossal figure for the production of the lungometraggio: if it were 300 million dollars from the budget, it would exclude the spread of marketing and publicity. More than a third of import is destined for all the pay of a nutritious cast that, in recent times, has seen the entrance of Jason Momoa, Brie Larson and the return of Charlize Theron. Stipendi che, per quanto elevati, impallidirebbero di fronte a quello che guadagnerà Vin Diesel also thanks alle commissioni sulla pellicola de cui he è ache produttore (Universal has not voluntarily commented on this information with the Hollywood Reporter).

L’uscita della pellicola is fissata per il 19 May 2023.

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Fast & Furious 10: give the monstrous budget to Justin Lin who has spoiled the royal family to protect his mental health

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