Disney+, the TV Series in streaming in July 2022

A luglio arrived the miniseries In name of the sky and Santa Evita and the stage 3 of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

Canzoni, preghiere e… cadaveri. Il luglio di Disney+ si tinge di giallo con l’attesissima miniseries crime in heaven’s name. Hollywood star Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man: No Way Home, The Social Network) plays a detective from Utah who, following the murder of a woman and her child, finds truth in her origin of the LDS religion and her violent achievement of an inflexible faith. A devout Mormon, in the corso dell’indagine Pyre, will end with the matter in discussion of his own faith. Apropos di misteri, the miniseries Saint Avoid It recounts the true story of the Argentine first lady Eva Perón and, in particular, she sorted out her body imbalsamato dopo that in 1955 a colpo di stato militare in Argentina rovesciò l’alora president Juan Domingo Perón. First of her death, Eva was a powerful figure as General Perón’s chief, and her corpse without her grave has haunted the country’s political arena for the past decade.

bring the other TV series in arrival at the service streaming segnaliamo la stagione 3 del teen drama musicale High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. I Wildcats if directed to a summer camp in California, dove vivranno un’estate indimenticabile all’insegna del romanticismo, delle notti senza coprifuoco, della vita all’aria aperta e, ovviamente, dei musical. E quest’anno touches Frozen! the star di sherlock Martin Freeman is the invece of a cop in the British drama The Responder. Affiancato da un matricola, Chris faces all the situations that are painfully tragic or follemente assurde. And, as the ventre criminale di Liverpool will be sorvegliare non fosse abbastanza, he must see her also with a semper più prossimo alla rottura marriage.

First of all, see the complete list of the TV series in arrival, I always remember that I will continue to follow this page because we will turn to update it in the course of the next year with the last minute update, not announced in advance.

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Disney+, the TV Series in streaming in July 2022

TV series in prima vision

  • promised landStage 1 (July 6, seven-month episode)
  • The ResponderStage 1 (July 6)
  • Saint AvoidMiniseries (July 26)
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The SeriesStagione 3 (July 27, seventh-year episode)
  • in heaven’s nameMiniseries (July 27)

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Disney+, the TV Series in streaming in July 2022

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