Come per disincanto – guide to the cast and ai personaggi of the sequel Disney

Fra vecchie conoscenze e new entry, a guide to the characters and the cast of Come per disincanto – E vissero unfelici e scontenti, sequel to the cult Disney with Amy Adams. The article contains SPOILER su entrambi i film.

Sono passati quindici anni da when come d’encanto has stravolto il concetto di favola Disney, recounting the story of the princess Giselle unexpectedly catapulted into New York dei giorni nostri. A story that has conquered the public and has definitely launched its protagonist, Amy Adams, nell’Olimpo delle star di Hollywood. Impossible, quindi, – in a time of reboot, remake and sequel – resist the temptation to make a second chapterin which I will narrate how if it is sviluppato “il lieto fine” di Giselle e del “suo” Robert. Their Disney+ è quindi approdato – il 18 novemberCome per discincanto – E vissero unfelici e scontenti, explanatory sequel ambientato anni dopo il primo film. In this new adventure, Giselle is more saggia and less naive and is less than welcome to Patti with the harsh reality of her daily life. All this time, but, she bellows still a little bit of the congratulations and beatitude of the trustworthy of her, arriving to buy a gesture of cui she cantrebbe pentirsi. Ma chi è ancora al fianco di GiselleAmy Adams dopo tanti anni? Fra vecchie conoscenze e nuovi volti, ecco a guide to the characters (and the cast) gave eat per disincantation.

Come per discincanto – E vissero unfelici e scontenti: Guide to the cast and ai characters of the Disney sequel

eat per disincantation – Amy Adams and Giselle

Come per disincanto guide cast -

In the first capitol, giselle è – all’inizio – a personage animato of the regno fiabesco di Andalasia. Innamoratasi – with the classic colpo di fulmine – del Re Edward, she comes spedita dalla regina Narissa (Susan Sarandon), matrigna di Edward, nel regno “dove nessuno lives happy and content”: il mondo reale, precisely New York. She married, at the end of the film, with Robert, a New Yorker advocate who has helped set the scene in the city, she will decide – in eat per disincantation – I transferred to Monroeville, a city on the outskirts where I was waiting to find some peace and happiness for my family. Ad interpret it è, again, Amy Adamsfra le attrici più apprezzate e prolifiche della sua generazione. own lanciata come d’encantovanta 6 candidature all’Oscar, collaborazioni con i registi più quotati – fra cui Adam McKay, David O. Russell, Tim Burton e Denis Villeneuve -, e un rolo nel franchise del DC Universe (Lois Lane).

Patrick Dempsey is Robert Philip

Come per disincanto guide cast -

Robert He is a disillusioned and recently divorced from New York, father of Morgan and soon to be married – in the first film – with the cynical Nancy. He finds it against her, Giselle, and, selling her in difficulty, comes with the agreement of her daughter to help her. Il resto è poi storia (note). After quindici anni of marriage, he decides to second the wish of the moglie and follow her to Monroeville, insieme there her due figlie, retrovandosi catapulted into a bizarre adventure. Robert has returned Patrick Dempseyindimenticato – ed indimenticabile – Derek “Dottor Stranamore” Shepherd in Grey’s Anatomy. L’attore ha però alle spalle also a career in ruoli più or less rivelanti in commedie and film di successo, fra cui spicca la rom-com dal cast corale Appointment with love and Bridget Jones’s Baby. I suoi ruoli più importanti de él sono però legati al mundo della serialità. Di recente è stato infatti il ​​protagonista della miniseries The truth of the Harry Quebert case – deals with the best seller by the same name – and is currently involved with the Sky series Diavoliaccanto ad Alessandro Borghi.

eat per disincantation – James Marsden turns nei panni di Re Edward

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Edward it is Re dell’Andalasia. Giselle’s “perdumente” infatuated, he runs to her aid, following her to New York. Del tutto incapable of adapting to a “real” life, he returns to his kingdom in the company of Nancy, which – immediately after the break with Robert – dreams of a favourite. In eat per disincantation He is still married to Nancy and with him he is going to find Giselle and Robert in their new house in Monroeville. James Marden lend body and voice ad Edward. Marsden, apparso in diverse comedy and film “strappalacrime” (Hairspray, 27 volte in white, accidental love, The page of our life), è noto soprattutto per i ruoli di Scott SummersCiclope nella saga X Menby Tom Wachowski in the franchise sonic e di Teddy Flood in Westworld.

Idina Menzel and Nancy Tremaine

Come per disincanto guide cast

Initially dating Robert, Nancy He decides to marry Re Award at the moment when he agrees that the future husband is in love with Giselle. In eat per disincantation è quindi ventata la Regina di Andalasia. Nancy and Edward sounded inoltre the godmother and the godfather of Sofiala figlia – di appena qualche mese – di Robert e Giselle. Idina Menzel – che torna a interpretare Nancy – è conosciuta soprattutto as actress of the theater, where she has taken part in some famous Broadway musicals (Rent, Funny Girl, wicked). Ella a cinema e en televisión ella è apparsa en piccoli ruoli: nella serie tv gleein the film Netflix Diamanti Grezzi and in the Prime Video version of Cinderella. She is also the doppiatrice of Elsa in the franchise Frozen.

Maya Rudolph is the villain Malvina Monroe

Come per disincanto guide cast

Maya Rudolph She is the main new entry of the cast, from the moment that in the first film the villain was Regina Narissa (Susan Sarandon). Rudolph interprets Malvina Monroe, “ape regina” indiscussa di Monroeville. Sentendosi minacciata da Giselle, he seizes her by looking at her, making her feel forward and shooting her with an inconsiderate gesture. Maya Rudolph is nota soprattutto come comica del Saturday night Livedel cui cast fa parte dagli inizi degli anni 2000. Simultaneously, there has been but portato ahead a career in the world of cinema, taking part to svariate pellicole, fra cui 50 volte il primo bacio, The friend of the wife and shape vizio. Appears in series tv di successo – up all night, The Good Place – if it is different then eat doppiatricelending the voice ad alcuni personaggi animati, fra cui Connie in Big Mouth e Daniela Paguro – mother of the protagonist – in Luca.

eat per disincantation – The rest of the cast

Come per disincanto guide cast

Gabriella Baldacchino (Ask for Jane, The Conners) è Morganthe fteenage church di robert, which will have a fundamental role in restoring the balance of his family. In the cousin film Morgan, still a child, is the return of Rachel Covey. Yvette Nicole Brown and Jayma Mays interpret not once Rosaleen and Ruby, migliori amiche e “braccio destro” di MalvinaI soon plot against Giselle at the moment in which the protagonist transforms all the city into a world of trust. Yvette Nicole Brown è famous soprattutto for the tv series Communitylie Jayma Mays It is known by the great public for being the volto di Emma Pillsbury in glee. Complete it by cast Kolton Stewart – Tyson Monroe, the son of Malvina in love with Morgan – ed. oscar nunez –Edgar. Eat doppiatori, spiccano invece Griffin Newman – who lends the voice to Pip, lo scoiattolo amico di Giselle – ed Alan Tudykvoice of the “Pergamena”, a magical gift donated to Giselle for the birthday of the daughter Sophia.

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Come per disincanto – guide to the cast and ai personaggi of the sequel Disney

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