Catherine Spaak, the praise of Sky Cinema

Per rendere omaggio alla grande attrice appena scomparsa, Sky Cinema proposes oggi due importanti della sua lunga carriera. Alle 21.00 Sky Cinema Comedy goes on wave IL SORPASSO followed by FEBBRE DA CAVALLO. Also in streaming its NOW and availability on demand

Elegant, beautiful, sophisticated, non-conformist, intelligent and insanely talented actress who is also a singer and ballerina. Catherine Spaak was tutto questo e altro ancora. And now that she, at 77 years old, she has lasted dopo have been spaziato with unusual leggeregezza in the world of the spettacolo of the last 60 years, she surely will have a great vote.

Per rendere omaggio to this great actress, Sky Cinema proposes oggi due importanti film della sua carriera. Alle 21.00 Sky Cinema Comedy proposes THE SORPASSO I follow da FEBBRE DA CAVALLO.

the sorpasso


Vittorio Gassman, Akim Zejjari sceglie “Il sorpasso”

At the age of 17, she was very young and beautiful Catherine Spaak when she entered the cast of Dino Risi’s actress to interpret the young Lilly Cortona in “Il sorpasso”. A film that aroused without giving rise to the interest of critics, data that fornivated one spaccato dell’Italia in pieno “economic boom” ma metteva in show also gli aspetti in chiaroscuro di un Paese that was changing, after consumerism and research on welfare . Also for this reason, the film was acclaimed to “David di Donatello” with the Prize for the Miglior Attore Protagonista to Vittorio Gassman, the other in a series of recognition in other kermesse; At the age of public, the success arrived gradually (thanks to Dennis Hopper who saw if he was inspired to turn “Easy Rider”), costing a milliard of lire. Currently “Il sorpasso” is also included in the list of “100 Italian films to save”.

February gives horse


The death of Gigi Proietti, the 10 scene cult treated by Febbre da cavallo

Catherine Spaak participates in 1976 in the cult film “Febbre da cavallo” in Gabriella’s room, Bruno “Mandrake” Fioretti’s moglie. Il film di Steno non ottenne grandi riscontri al botteghino e venne stroncato dalla critica. Negli anni ’90, thanks to the ripetuti passaggi sulle reti televisive, has obtained the popolarità mancata agli inizi becoming a cult film. Nel cast Gigi Proietti, Enrico Montesano, Francesco De Rosa, Mario Carotenuto and Adolfo Celi.

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Catherine Spaak, the praise of Sky Cinema

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