Broad Peak – Fino a la Cumbre: the tragic story that inspired the film Netflix

Thing è successo a Maciej Berbeka? The true story inspired by Broad Peak – Fine alla summit, su Netflix

Broad Peak – Fine to the top It’s the new film targato Netflix Available in the catalog of the platform from September 14. Diretto da Leszek Dawid, the dramatic film ripper runs the tragic story of the Polish mountaineer Maciej Berbeka, soffermandosi sia sulle sue imprese che sulla storia d’amore con la moglie Ewa. In the cast, nei ruoli di Maciej ed Ewa, we compare respectfully Ireneusz Czop and Maja Ostaszewska. Prima di passare there true story dai cui è tratto Broad Peakriprendimone qui di seguito the plot.

The Netflix film tells the story of Maciej Berbeka, who made his first climb from Broad Peak in 1988. A davvero rischiosa mission that, fortunately, comes to a successful end, as confirmed by the spedition boss. A return to Poland, but, Berbeka scopre that in realtà did not reach the top that was his goal, just the Rocky Peak, located 23 meters above sea level.. Feeling ingannato dal suo capo spedizione ei suoi compagni, Berbeka decides to retire dall’alpinismo. It was 24 years ago when Maciej received a phone call from one of his company from the 1988 expedition, Krzysztof, who convinced him to riprovarci and bring to finish what was an uncompleted rhyme. Maciej è initially hesitant, but alla fine if lascia convincere. L’obiettivo è only one: raggiungere finally the vetta of Broad Peak.

Broad Peak – Fino alla vetta. East Studio

The true story that inspired Broad Peak – What happened to Maciej Berbeka?

Maciej Berbeka was born in Poland in 1954 and soon became a retired mountaineer. He is part of the Federazione Internazionale delle Associazioni delle Guide di Montagna and a member of the Polish research and relief squad. He is soprattutto negli anni Ottanta that if he places the greatest success of his name, he prints ad high quota, when he does concentrate on the top of the 14-year-old who in the world surpasses 8000 meters. In 1988 – this is the ripper part in the Netflix film – scales the Broad Peak, except for the film, right in Poland, that the print is not fine and that the shipment is interrupted in real time at about 20 meters get to the top 25 years later, In 2013, he decides to take over the firm from Adam Bielecki, Tomasz Kowalski and Artur Malek. The squadra riesce to raggiungere la vetta il March 6, ma l’allarme scatta when Berbeka and Kowalski did not risk, during the discesa, to raggiungere il Campo 4, located at 7,400 metri.

I came to say disperse and immediately a squadra di soccorso was invited to try the salvataggio. Dopo due giorni di ricerche, Maciej Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski vengono dichiarati morti, nonostante i loro corpi non fossero stati ritrovati. All’epoca dei fatti, il leader della spedizione Krzysztof Wielicki rilascia una dichiarazione: “Considering the cirque, the conditions, my experience, the history of the Impression of the Himalayas, the knowledge regarding physiology and medicine in high quota and consulting with the dottori and co-organizers of the expedition in Poland, I thank you for dying Maciej Berbeka and Tomasz Kowalski. The registry of Broad Peak – Fine to the top (who il trailer) has said ScreenDaily: “My place will think that Broad Peak is a story that is one of the things that nature is, il freddo, la spossatezza. In mode che gli spettatori possano I will understand da vicino il protagonist and his brama. Per fare I will enter chi keeps in connection with the protagonist, I use the narrative soggettiva, in a way that gradually fades to the point of view of Berbeka.

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Broad Peak – Fine to the top. East Studio

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Broad Peak – Fino a la Cumbre: the tragic story that inspired the film Netflix

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