Bonus TV, laughter in the wake: the demand goes untouched suddenly

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Il Bonus Tv verrà erogato fino ad esaurimento delle risorse. I tempi non sono lunghi, è meglio farne richiesta il prima possibile.

I 68 million euro stay for the Legge di Bilancio 2022 for the Bonus TV and Rottamazione potrebbero esauirsi prima della fin dell’anno. Is it worth attending and missing an occasion to laugh?

Bonus TV demand
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Il passage to the new digital terrestrial It starts in October 2021 and ends in early 2023. With the new standard Mpeg 4 not sarà più possibile vedere i canali preferiti his old television. Servono apparecchi diltima generation, le smart TV, per poter I will continue to see and program in high quality. In alternative it is possible to keep the TV in own possession and purchase a compatible decoder. Regardless of where it is, the city will have to put my hand in the portfolio to buy the decoder (unless it does not apply to a particular fascia della popolazione that will receive it free of charge at home) oppure a new television. Il Governo has activated due diverse misure per ammortizzare la spesa delle famiglie, Bonus TV and Bonus Rottamazione. Per il 2022 has planned a rifinanziamento di 68 million euros, At what point did you laugh?

Bonus TV and Rottamazione, laughter available

The last report of the Ministry of Economic Sviluppo dello scorso 8 aprile riporta an availability of circa 90 million euros for Bonus TV and Bonus Rottamazione TV. The richesta dovrà avvenire between December 31, 2022. Ad oggi gli incentivi erogati sono stati 1,209,147 for a total of 48,057.442 euro.

The report ad oggi è passato a mese e, conseguenza, le risorse potrebbero essere posteriormente decrease. It is impossible to provide a precise timing for the fineness of the laugh available and it is possible to hypothesize with the last switch off at the beginning of the Maggio Many people if they don’t know about the urgency to get a new television or a decoder because they don’t have vision problems. At the moment i canari Rai and Mediaset sound anchored visibili with the standard Mpeg 2 following the number gives 500 in poi ma entered the fine dell’anno questa possibilità svanirà. If you anticipate, dunque, un’accelerata nelle richieste e, conseguenza, I will anticipate and tempi è fundamentale per non rischiare di rimanere fuori dagli incentivi.

I detail the measurement

Per capire quale Bonus richiedere è bene conoscere i dettagli delle misure. We start with the TV Bonus, an incentive for maximum value say 30 euro Use it to buy a decoder compatible with the new digital or new TV of the latest generation. The richiesta può partere dai nuclei familiari con ISEE less than 20 thousand euro.

The alternative is the Bonus Rotation that guarantees a discount of 20% for a maximum of 100 euro sold say a television To obtain it, ISEE is not provided for, if you can demand it directly at the point of sale of the referral, to obtain it, it will be necessary for the applicant to proceed with the rotation of the old apparecchio. To this end, I will consign the TV in the business of the new purchase option, it will be possible to recarsi in an ecological island by consecrating a module that attests the new rotation of the port, poi, to the rivenditore. Thank you, in fine, that the Bonus Rottamazione is richiedibile only one return to the family unit.

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Bonus TV, laughter in the wake: the demand goes untouched suddenly

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